The United Nations Campus, Guest Post for ROW80, Horror in 1816, and Language Learning

The United Nations grounds are lovely!

Lovely bouquet from a friend!

I've got a guest post over on the A Round of Words in 80 Days blog, all about celebrating (yes!) the software you use.

And here's an intriguing essay called Where the Exiles Wander: A Celebration of Horror, whose starting point is the summer of 1816, on the shores of Lake Geneva...

Three weeks to go in this round of ROW80. I've been writing a wee bit, thanks to a writers' houseparty a few of my characters just visited!

I haven't done any editing on any of my stories though. Meantime, I've been spending 20 minutes a day brushing up on my German and re-starting to learn Welsh, on Duolingo! It's not the best tool for language learning, by any means, but when you only have 20 minutes to spare, it's perfect!

Which languages, if any, would you like to learn?


Nice your friend got you flowers.
I used to speak fluent Japanese. Would be cool to re-learn it.
S.P. Bowers said…
I studied Russian years ago in college, I'd love to re-learn that. I've also always wanted to learn icelandic.
Hi Deniz - amazing grounds - they must be a pleasure to walk in, while glancing out occasionally as you work ... love the desk - so glad there are a few papers in the corner! You're always busy and learning and quite honestly set us all a huge example in life ...

Lovely too that you get to all those extra mural activities and talks ... then the building and art works ... ooh ah! Well done on your ROW goals so far ... but then the German and Welsh ... I guess Welsh is probably easier to learn than Scottish, Irish, Gaelic or Cornish .. that I'd do - Welsh being taught in schools now.

Cheers and enjoy that place!! Looks just wonderful - cheers Hilary
sage said…
Lovely flowers and scenery. As for a language, i'd love to know Russia as it is such a vast country waiting to be explored
I learned German in high school, and once in a while I bounce back to it, even though I have forgotten a lot of it. I would like to relearn it, fluently this time. I'd also like to learn Spanish, because there are so many Spanish speaking countries. And Swahili is also on my bucket list, as we travel to Kenya every few years and have many friends from there.

It makes me crazy that more elementary school children here in the US are not learning foreign languages. It so much easier to pick up when you are young.
Linda said…
Beautiful photos, Deniz! I live in Montreal, Canada, and my mother tongue is English and I am fluent in French. I speak a few words and understand a little Italian. I would love to learn Italian. :)
Nas said…
Beautiful photos, is that a new office?

I think I'm too old to learn a new language now!
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks everyone! We got new office furniture, so I took a photo :-)
There are so many languages, aren't there? I was taking Russian classes for a while, it'd be great to go back to that. And, ooh, Icelandic...

Chris, you've been to Kenya! I shall have to pick your brain for information...

Linda, too funny, we moved here from Montreal! Fun to meet you through the blog :-)

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