Summer Reads and Octopus Photos

Need an octopus?

Who doesn't love gazing at undersea images?

The United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has been exploring the Marianas Trench, including "bottomfish habitats, new hydrothermal vent sites, mud volcanoes, deep-sea coral and sponge communities, and seamounts, as well as subduction zone and trench areas. The geology of the Mariana region is incredibly complex and dynamic. Despite decades of previous work in the region, much of the Monument and surrounding areas remain unexplored.

"The three-leg 2016 Deepwater Exploration of the Marianas expedition will help us identify and better understand new geological phenomena and habitats – such as extreme life living in the deepest oceanic trench on the planet, enormous mud volcanoes, active hydrothermal vents, chemosynthetic communities, and possibly deep-sea coral and sponge habitats..."

Lots of exciting things to see -- and some are available as desktop wallpapers! And Octopus Friday images!

Speaking of the sea, and the beach, and reading, here are two neat maps to help you pick your next read:

The Canadian 100 mile book diet:
"The literature-loving minds behind have just launched an interactive feature to connect readers across the country and support talented Canadian authors. Called the 100-Mile Book Diet, it features a Read Local interactive map of Canada highlighting fiction and non-fiction reads (even cookbooks!) according to where in Canada they’re based or where the author comes from."

There's also a map of Penguin Classics around the world:

I'm still trying to read a lot of Swiss authors and books set in Switzerland. I need to read some Sophie Alp, for instance:

They've just updated the 50 Franc note, and are no longer featuring images of people on currency, so I snapped a photo of an old note

And I just got this new release, also set in Switzerland!:
The Gustav Sonata by Rose Tremain

What are you reading this summer?


Some freaky creatures that live in the depths of the oceans.
S.P. Bowers said…
I agree with Alex. There are some freaky creatures that live in the sea. Right now I'm reading A MAN CALLED OVE and enjoying it.
Crystal Collier said…
You know, my hubby was telling me about a trending video where a girl eats a LIVE octopus, and it starts attacking her. Why, just why, right?
I'm coming back for the pictures.

I'm not actively reading any books at the moment, but I am listening to Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow, which is the biography the musical Hamilton is based upon. I'm only 15% through it, but I've learned so much about this fascinating American Founding Father already.

After that, I've got Hamilton vs. Jefferson to listen to, and The Ferderalist Papers, the writings of Thomas Paine, the Magna Carta, and a collection titled 15 Speeches that Shaped the United States.

There's a theme here...

Olivia Rose said…
Wow, looks scary!
Zan Marie said…
I've always said, that the fantastic is right here in our own neighborhood. Explore our world and find what's really wild and crazy. You just might learn something.

Speaking of "book diets," I'm an omnivore. ;-)
Hi Deniz - love the idea of that wall paper - but also I love hearing about the new 'finds' they see in that underwater world of ours ... the Mariana Trench - certainly has some extraordinary creatures. I'm not surprised you're taking in as many of the opportunities the UN offer - via their research etc ...

Fascinating about Penguin and their maps ... keeping Canadian authors up front ... Sophie Alp - I've never heard of ... while learning about your 'new' country makes sense ...

I've just finished "A Time of Gifts" by Patrick Leigh Fermor - a memoir about his journey at the age of 18 (1933) from Rotterdam to Istanbul (this one goes half way) - but talk about learning about history, words, ideas and concepts : architecture, art, genealogy, quirks of history and language ...

I didn't have connectivity then - and so need to re-read it .. so I can look up a great many of the places and words ... I learnt so much - centuries of history touched on ...

Cheers Hilary
Nas said…
Freaky creatures and they keep finding new ones too!
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks all!

Ewwwwwww, why would you even try to eat a live octopus (instead of cuddling it)??

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