New Release by Kait Nolan!

Guess who has a new release?

Louise Penny!

No, seriously, as excited as I am for this book (Three Pines! Gamache and everyone! The Bistro! The duck! The emotion and tension and philosophy and humour and... Anyway, just waiting on delivery), there's another new release I'm really referring to:

Kait Nolan's Turn My World Around, which comes out tomorrow!

The road to redemption...

Struggling single mom Corinne Dawson doesn't have time for fun. She's too busy making a new life for her son and trying to avoid being dragged down by the ghost of who she used to be. But when an accident knocks her boss out of a local dance competition fund-raiser, she finds herself face-to-face with the worst mistake from her past.

Attorney Tucker McGee has always seen past the prickly exterior of this former mean girl. He knows there's more to the story than simple spite. When they get partnered for Dancing With Wishful, he finally gets the chance to act on the spark he's felt since she moved home. But getting past her regrets just might be the biggest challenge he's ever faced.

As the competition heats up, so do the feelings between them. Will Tucker be able to convince Corinne that she's more than the sum of her mistakes? Or will she be forced to leave town to find a new beginning without him?

I got an advanced copy to read for review, and if I hadn't needed to be fully alert at work this week, I'd have stayed up all night the day I got it -- it's so exciting to read a book that's sweet and yet has you on the edge of your seat (or, er, pillow), wondering how the hero and heroine are going to manage to come together.

The story weaves effortlessly between the hero and heroine's points of view, and gives that great sense of characters you're sure you've been friends with for ages. I've got two left feet and have never watched Dancing With... anything, and even I was swaying to rhythms in my head as Tucker led Corinne across the stage. And then there're one or two scenes... Let's just say they made me wish I could tango!

Small town stories that are part of a series really strike a chord with me -- it's a good feeling to know that even when two characters have found their happily ever after, the reader doesn't need to let them go entirely. Love spotting couples from the previous stories set in Wishful (which is also southern -- damn skippy!) each time I read a new one (the writer in me also gets excited by the thought of how much fun it must be to name all the spots in town and discover all the links between the various families). And I adore the tiny moment that links them all together -- that bit at the start involving a coin, the fountain in the town centre, and a wish...

You don't need to read the series in order; each book is also a standalone. Two of them also cross with Kait's other series, the Meet Cute stories. Those are exactly what they say they are -- short bites of romance for when you need a pick me up, a little spark, the beginning and promise of something great.

Not kidding -- I was between books this afternoon and started Once Upon A Coffee on the train ride home. I read the last line just as the train pulled into my station! Of course, now I'm hoping to see some more of Dillon and Avery, wandering round Wishful, maybe at Speakeasy or the coffee shop or the diner...

Here's a list of them by hero and heroine (I only have one left to read!):

"Couples By Series Wishful
Dillon Lange and Avery Cahill: Once Upon A Coffee
Cam Crawford and Norah Burke: To Get Me To You
Brody Jensen and Tyler Edison: Be Careful It's My Heart
Liam Montgomery and Riley Gower: Know Me Well
Myles Stewart and Piper Parish: Once Upon a Setup and Just For This Moment
Reed Campbell and Cecily Dixon: Wish I Might (in the Virtually Yours anthology)
Tucker McGee and Corinne Dawson: Turn My World Around

Speaking of Kait, she's the one that started the brilliant ROW80. And here I am, another week with no update on the writing front. Work is crazy busy -- I didn't even get to write up this post at lunch like I usually try to do. On the other hand, I have tried something new: this is my first post using the Blogger app on Android, and so far it's been very easy to use. I just need to learn my way around adding links and formatting (notice all the missing italics for the titles?)... It's nice to have this new option for days when I can't get to the blog in the daytime!

What apps and shortcuts do you enjoy using?


I tend to use a lot of templates and color coding. I also like being a part of blog hops and writing challenges, because they spur my mind in various new directions.

Sounds like you had some good decompression while reading. I hope work settles down enough that you can bring all that inspiration to your writing!
It's Thursday, so it came out today!
I don't use the Blogger app, but I have dozens of other favorites.
S.P. Bowers said…
So many books. So little money and time. I'm behind.
Olivia Rose said…
Sounds good book. Need to check it now.
Nas said…
You look busy, but busy is good, right?

Hi Deniz - I meant to come back to this ... but life and a quick visit to your favourite city - meant I didn't! Didn't go into the Eagle and Child, but drove past often.

Interesting about the Blogger app - one day I'll get into Apps ... cheers for now - and a hug from Oxford, I brought it back with me! Hilary
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks for your support, Shan, Alex, Hilary, Sara, Nas and Olivia!

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