ROW80 and Nairobi! Part 2

So glad visitors seem to have enjoyed my Nairobi photos from last week, because I have the final batch to share today!

But first... Last week I was so busy sharing photos that I forgot to share any ROW80 updates!

It's not all good news: I haven't finished the latest round of edits on Druid's Moon at all. I have finished knitting a blanket, though! Photos of that to come when I've collated another knitting-related post.

And I finally got caught up on blog commenting. There are quite a few interesting bloghops happening, especially the Write...Edit...Publish flash fiction challenge for August, to write a story on the theme of gardens.

Meanwhile, ROW80 -- the writing challenge that knows you have a life -- is moving! Not to somewhere entirely new, but the blog will be closed to further entries, and the community will shift to the ROW80 Facebook page, to create more dialogue and make updates and interactions easier. Come visit us and join in!

Now for more photos:

I like the acronym MICE


View over the business district

Statue of former President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta

Thanks to a colleague for this evocative photo!

Cod liver oil!

I took a photo of myself taking a photo... That's me on the right in the red skirt.

This guy walked into my photo -- I was trying to get a shot of the Swiss Cottages sign

And here, from our shuttle bus windows, are the Swiss cottages themselves!

I wasn't able to check Twitter for 10 days, we were so busy, but I did manage to post once -- yes, it really was 4 a.m.

...and here's someone I was missing while I was away

Back to regular posts next week!
Which interesting photo-filled blogs have you visited this week?


Crystal Collier said…
Love the photos, but especially that last one. =)

You know, I've kind of fallen out of the bloghop scene. (Other than IWSG.) There's just never enough time for all the online fun.
Your travels have led you on some great adventures. Sorry about the dude photobombing your shot.
S.P. Bowers said…
Your daughter is adorable!
Given what you've been up to and who you were missing, I can totally understand not getting much done toward your goal!

Thanks for mentioning the ROW80 change. I seem to forget to check the Facebook group, so I was totally in the dark on this one!
sage said…
More great photos. Thanks again for sharing!
You're so lucky to get to do so much traveling! You should write a travel memoir and include your pictures.
Anonymous said…
Anytime you finish a project is good, so completing a blanket is fine by me.

Traveling is good too. Very inspirational for you and for us too, since you shared your pictures.
Carol Riggs said…
Druid's Moon! I love the title; I hope you can get to those edits soon. Great pics, and AW, what a cutie, that last one. Congrats on knitting that blanket and getting your blogging caught up! I'm trying that now, puff, puff...
Nas said…
Awww...loved the last photo. Of course you missed her <3

But all awesome pictures!
Denise Covey said…
Hi Deniz. Loved your Nairobi pics. And thanks for mentioning WEP. Would love you to share on an up-coming hop. Next theme is Constellations (in October).
Knitting a blanket! I'm impressed. I knit and crotchet and sew, but oh so long since I've done any!!!
Deniz Bevan said…
Yay, so glad you all enjoyed the photos!