Geneva and Nyon Photo Series


I'll be posting lots of photos during November, as I'm busy working -- hopefully steadily! -- on my new novel, during NaNoWriMo.

To kick things off, I've got lots of photos of Geneva and Nyon today.

Previous photos of Geneva appeared here:

A to Z of our arrival

Walks around town

The beach




Previous photos of Nyon appeared here.

Friedrich von Matthisson, a scholar who came to the castle as a tutor, and wrote poetry...
One of his poems was set to music by Beethoven

Knitting needles!

No peasants in the courtyard today...

Scribbles on the walls of the prison tower...


Roman Nyon

Views of Nyon from Morges and Rolle

The percussion of boxes, the teapot, the cry of many voices for the water to sing, [what remains beats (?)], the impatient wing under the iron lid

Even here rock n roll can't die!

Every place looks good in sunshine, doesn't it?


Hi Deniz - must be wonderful to see ... but you're tempting us to travel to Geneva - not a bad idea at some stage in our lives. Lovely photos ... and good luck with NaNo ... cheers Hilary
Crystal Collier said…
Awesome. I want to see it for myself. Yup. That's the takeaway.
Cool church and museum.
What is the giant shoot of water?
Zan Marie said…
Glorious! I always love your pictures.
DMS said…
Absolutely beautiful pictures! I can't get enough of the water views. Now I want to travel asap! :) Thanks for sharing!
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks, everyone!

Ooh, Alex, that's the Geneva landmark, the Jet d'Eau. It was some sort of 19th century pressure release valve, but the water shoots up so high and looks so interesting, it turned into an attraction! It really does still work as a valve for the water system, too.