Knitting...and Motorcycles!

Yes, motorcycles!

The other day, we came across a short-term exhibit of some vintage models:

A local Swiss craft is papercutting. I love these intricate and delicate designs:

Couldn't resist sharing a photo of this old-timey suitcase!

Meanwhile, I have an update on my ongoing knitting projects!

Here's the lovely wool I've just bought to make a fox scarf:

And here is the wool for a secret joint project:

I've knit six squares that will join the squares knit by friends... I won't reveal anything yet but perhaps the colours of the wool, and the initials I've knit into one square, J and C, might give you some clues...

And here's a baby blanket I finished a little while ago!

Have you finished a project recently?
It's such a rewarding feeling to complete something!


Hi Deniz - you're a bundle of energy .. I should think the motorcycles pleased your hubby to see - aren't they so well restored. Knitting - not being a wool loved ... I cringe to look - sorry, but ...

So pleased it's keeping your fingers busy ... and the colours are lovely ... cheers Hilary
S.P. Bowers said…
I haven't crafted in so long. I'm half way through crocheting a Darth Vader for hubby and haven't even touched it in 9 months. Maybe I should work on that.

Can't wait to see the secret project!
Crystal Collier said…
The only projects I'm finishing lately revolve around this book release. (But one of them is giving me an excuse to craft. Yay! That reveal will come out shortly.) I love how you can look at yarn and see a project coming together. I couldn't do that. Then again, I live in Florida so the idea of something that heavy is terribly impractical 90% of the year.
Zan Marie said…
Fabulous pics as always, Deniz! I used to embroider and sew. Dang arthritis stole that. I'll spend my time writing. ;-)
You're a knitting machine.
Those old bikes are cool. The American Pickers guys would kill to get their hands on those.
However do you find the time with a toddler about? Lovely knitting projects, and I'm intrigued about the "joint" project. J and C... hmmmm
Suzanne Furness said…
I admire your knitting skills, it's not something I can do. Sounds like you are busy with all your projects.
Denise Covey said…
HI Deniz. Sure is great to complete something. However, we are renovating, and really nothing has been completely finished yet! Love the baby blanket!
Deniz Bevan said…
I could always knit you something with cotton yarn instead, Hilary!

Ooh, Sara, could you teach me to crochet?

I thought of those guys, too, Alex. I think I tweeted this to the show's account :-)

Thanks, all!