Freiburg, Germany, and Basel, Switzerland (Photos 2/4)

Freiburg, in Germany, and Basel, in Switzerland!

A long post today, with many images!

Basel first:

The Rhone! My first sight of this famous river

View from a train

Train station



Irish pub!

Basel Minster, burial site of Erasmus

Basel Zoo:


More shots of city and river:

Turkish restaurant!

It's interesting to see random English names among the memorial plaques --
I wonder who they were and why they settled in Basel?

View of the Rhone from the Minster. Squint, and it looks like centuries ago...

One little person was very excited by the green trams!

Argh, I thought I'd fixed all the sideways images. Still not sure why Blogger does this.
Tree planted in honour of Albert Schweitzer

Swiss francs! They're updating the notes and will be removing all the people soon, to be replaced by generic images, so I wanted to keep a record.
There's architect Le Corbusier, composer Honegger, and artist Giacometti.
Artist Taeuber-Alp was on the 50 franc note, but that one has already been updated

Freiburg -- my first time in Germany!:

History of the cathedral, including altar dedicated to Hans Holbein the Younger

Plaque noting that the town was bombed during WWII but the Minster was not.
I just looked it up, and learned that it's the only Gothic tower in Germany built in the Middle Ages that has survived to the present day.
And apparently one of their 16 bells is from the 13th century!

Canadian grape vines!

NaNoWriMo is in full swing. Sending lots of virtual coffee and chocolate (or Scotch or whatever you prefer) to those who are writing. And to those working on other goals!


Nicola said…
Super pictures, Deniz. Thanks for sharing!! Thanks for the coffee and chocolate :)
Crystal Collier said…
SO much history there--it would be such a fascinating place to visit. Love it!
Hart Johnson said…
Great pics! I love the kangaroo with the joey feet sticking out of her pouch! But I really love the German town architecture--the streets and houses. The villages seem so cozy, even if they aren't actually villages, but cities. It has been forever, but I remember Heidelberg that way (not so much Munich). And your daughter is adorable.
The interior of that one church is impressive. You have so much to explore there. And looks like your daughter had a grand day at the zoo.
Hi Deniz - lovely photos - we went through Basel donkey's years ago! when my mother drove us down to Italy ... via Basel, which I see is the direct route to Lucerne and Italy ... the architecture I don't remember ... getting my brothers into hysterics - I do ...

Great time you had ... and the little one just loves seeing so much ... the river, the green trams, the animoooools ... and no doubt hearing the bells ... glad you've got these reminders (sideways show or not!) ...

Cheers Hilary
Deniz Bevan said…
Glad you enjoyed them! It's nice looking at these photos now because today is windy and rainy and stormy!
Chrys Fey said…
Look at those penguins! :D I loved seeing all of the different architecture. Thanks for sharing!
DMS said…
These pictures are just beautiful. I love getting to travel from my couch and see what I need to get out there and see in person. Loved the architecture and all the pictures with water in them (I am always a fan of water pictures). Thanks for sharing!
Nasreen said…
Lovely photos and what architecture of the buildings. I need an interview from you for my new site :)
Deniz Bevan said…
Glad you enjoyed them!
Deniz Bevan said…
I meant, of course, to say Rhine/Rhein, not Rhone. The Rhone is here in Geneva!

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