Winter in Switzerland Photos


I had all sorts of things planned for today's blog post (and I'm also falling behind in commenting -- I visit you all but haven't had a chance to comment!), but all the ideas and snippets are saved in my Yahoo mail, and for some reason Yahoo is having server problems today...

It's still cold and grey outside for the most part, and work is quite busy -- the perfect time to share some winter photos!

(Please excuse those that are upside down. They show up as upside down on the computer. I fix them in the Microsoft Photo Editor. But every time I pull them into Blogger, Google turns them upside down again. It's driving me crazy!)

The village of Founex:

Ice created by the bise wind that comes down from the Alps:

The town of Nyon:

Views from outside of St Cergue, on the Swiss side of the Jura mountains:

The villages of Rolle and St Prex in snow:

Views of the United Nations grounds:


Back next week with the 75th anniversary of Little Golden Books, Insecure Writer's Support Group Day, and updates of my editing progress (Druid's Moon is out with betas! Just need an epilogue... I've started the first reread of The Charm of Time).

How are you enjoying the winter?
Or summer, if you're down south?


Crystal Collier said…
Beautiful, but WAAAAAAAAAY too cold for this Floridian. My teeth are chattering just from looking at the pictures. =)
Hi Deniz - yes lovely .. just glad I'm over this L Manche thing - it's slightly warmer - but Switzerland is gorgeous in clear cold weather .. Emily looks like she's enough - Maman take me a casa!! Cold .. but glad the days are getting longer - cheers Hilary
Looks really chilly. Those ice formations are wild.
S.P. Bowers said…

Looks as cold as it is here, though.
Denise Covey said…
I've been to Switzerland a couple of times and it certainly is gorgeous. Thanks for the memories in your photos. Brr. And your daughter is growing fast! It's summer Down Under, and not altogether enjoyable, but we have our moments.
Love the pictures, Deniz. Things to inspire pages and pages of stories...

Keep enjoying, even in the chilly air.
Deniz Bevan said…
So glad you all enjoyed the photos! It's warmer this week, and the rain is quickly melting all the snow. We haven't seen the sun in days!
Chrys Fey said…
I loved the ice photos. Really neat.

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