Bits 'n' Pieces -- Writers' Houseparty, California, Recipes, Inspiration, and A Driverless Vehicle!


I've gotten a little lax with my editing...

Mostly because I've been reading some Beverly Cleary -- I read her Newbery Medal winner Dear Mr Henshaw, and I read her two-part autobiography, A Girl from Yamhill and My Own Two Feet, all about growing up in Oregon and California in the 1920s and 1930s.

Which is actually rather timely, or at least her references to San Francisco (a place I haven't yet visited) are, since it's time for...

Another Writer's Houseparty!

This one will take place in San Francisco in 1860, and will start near the end of March.

"This year, the mythical fog will be transporting your people to:

San Francisco's notorious Barbary Coast, post-California Gold Rush, in 1860.

Be prepared to weave your way between gamblers, drinkers, villains and whores, and expect plenty of other challenges to arise along the way."
I love the way the mythical fog has become an actual device that we use -- it was invented by a fellow author during a previous houseparty, and is actually controlled by Charles II (or possibly the reigning monarch of the time, but Charles II is the one who comes to houseparties...).

Speaking of such tidbits of information...

I tend to take screenshots of things I mean to deal with later -- books to read, facts to research, ideas to explore, videos to watch...

I thought I'd share a few in today's post:

Can't decide if this is inspiration for a story, or just a gratuitously included photo of actor Sam Heughan

Classified ads from a Canadian newspaper from the 1920s!

Inspiration from illustrator Chris Riddell's tumblr

My first ride in a driverless vehicle!

A recipe for Mozaik Pasta (Cake).
I remember my grandmother making this. It's basically chocolate and butter and biscuits. Yum!

Hermit Crab by Peter Porter

Crash course in drawing...

The mountain is calling.
Can't decide if this is language class nonsense (it's from my Duolingo German app), or a piece of poetry...


A recipe off Pinterest

A reference to a friend who has goats, and all the editing I need to be doing...

A poem I've loved since fifth grade

I haven't tested this yet.
I'm hoping it's true!

An unpublished WWI poem

Another possibly gratuitous shot.
Am I interested in the author as a writer or because his face looks like a character?

What tidbits do you save?
Do you call them tidbits or tit bits?

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