February in the Valley: Photos of Snow and Fog and Toblerones

Winter is still lingering in the northern hemisphere!

We've had lots of fog, due to living in a bowl between mountain chains, but drive up a few hundred metres and there's sunshine and snow

These photos are from last month, when it snowed down in our valley, too, and then there are some shots of fog, and bonfires and other traditions...:

Pizza in Lausanne!

Love the name of these bottle sizes (shown below):
Magnum, Jeroboam, Reoboam, Methusalem, Salmanazar, Balthazar, and Nebuchadnezzar

Founex street

Richard Burton's grave

Welsh anthem

Street in Rolle, which reminds me of Montreal and Quebec City in this shot

Rolle castle. Small person for scale.


The Toblerone Trail is a military defense line built over 10 km during World War II.
The concrete blocks were meant to serve as tank traps, just in case.


Cuckoo clocks

Sketch of a former Roman villa in Nyon

Annual Christmas tree bonfire!

There are also some sausages roasting in tinfoil...


ROW80 is going well!

My schedules are arranged by month, at this moment.

In between blogging in advance for the A to Z Challenge (yes! I have a theme! And only 10 more posts left to schedule in advance!), and beta reading, and other life and family and work stuff, February is devoted to reading The Charm of Time on paper.

March is allocated to entering all those edits. April, I should ideally be sending The Charm of Time to betas while working on revisions to Druid's Moon suggested by the beta round for that story.

I've also got to write a synopsis, since it's one of the submission requirements for the small publisher I'd like to query...

Is winter or summer nearly over where you are?
Or are you dreaming of escape?

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