N is for... Not yet in Switzerland: Travels in Canada and the United States

Back in 2011, I held a week-long contest to celebrate the fact that I'd reached my 500th post, after nearly four years of blogging.
At the time, I sorted many of my previous posts into groups, which made for easy referencing, especially of story material.

(Also because I've never tagged my posts!)

When I celebrated reaching my 1000th post during last year's A to Z Challenge there wasn't time to sort all the posts between 2011 and 2016.

What better time than now?

I’m actually going to go over 1,000, and collate all posts to the end of 2016! And I’m going to link to every single post (except for the A to Z posts, which are mostly summarized), something I didn’t do in my original 500 compilation, or even in my 900th post compilation.

I’ve got lots of fun themes coming up for each day -- and each day will also highlight a fellow blogger or two!

Today is...
Not yet in Switzerland...travels in Canada and the United States!

Lavender fields

North and South Carolina

Edgar Allan Poe’s house

Montreal, including Tony the Sharpener and here

Quebec City


New York


Chateau Ramezay museum

More snow!


Chicago, and the St. Lawrence river

Glens Falls, NY and Lenox, MA

Beer festival



Upper Canada Village


Shakespeare in the Park, and train tracks

Montreal Museum of Art (Chihuly and Carr)

New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine

Upper Canada Village horse lovers’ weekend

Train station

Even more snow

Today’s featured blogger is... Neurotic Workaholic!

Still so many places to visit!
Which sites in Canada and the United States would you recommend?


Always cool to see Chihuly's glass work.
Hi Deniz - like Alex I'd love to visit Montreal and see Chihuly's glass work - it's always looked amazing ... and so many places you've visited at home in North America ... before landing in Europe ... cheers Hilary

Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks Alex and Hilary!

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