S is for... Self-promotion and Contests

Back in 2011, I held a week-long contest to celebrate the fact that I'd reached my 500th post, after nearly four years of blogging.

At the time, I sorted many of my previous posts into groups, which made for easy referencing, especially of story material.

(Also because I've never tagged my posts!)

When I celebrated reaching my 1000th post during last year's A to Z Challenge there wasn't time to sort all the posts between 2011 and 2016.

What better time than now?

I’m actually going to go over 1,000, and collate all posts to the end of 2016! And I’m going to link to every single post (except for the A to Z posts, which are mostly summarized), something I didn’t do in my original 500 compilation, or even in my 900th post compilation.

I’ve got lots of fun themes coming up for each day -- and each day will also highlight a fellow blogger or two!

Today is...

Self-promotion and contests!

Hosting a charity book fair, and here

Interviewed by J C Martin

Blog on Fire Award

Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

Seriously Cute Blogger Award

Powerful Woman Writer Award

Versatile Blogger Award

Liebster Blog Award and again

7 x 7 Link Award

One Lovely Blog Award

Great Comments Award

Kreativ Blogger Award

Sunshine Award

Versatile Blogger Award #2

Great Comments Award #2

The Booker Award

Fabulous Blog Ribbon and Be Inspired and Illuminating Blog Awards

Sunshine Award #2

Very Inspiring Blog Award and Liebster Blog and Sunshine Awards #3

Interviewed by Morgen Bailey

Blog of the Year Award 2012

Wonderful Team Member Readership Award

Super Sweet Blog Award

Interviewed by Tammy Theriault

Liebster Blog Award #4

Dragon’s Loyalty Award

I also posted about Diana Gabaldon and Outlander, which reminded me of this!:

"TO: denizb33

POSTED:9/26/07 5:29 AM

MSG: 56090.94(94 of 95)

REPLY TO: 56090.91

Diana Gabaldon POSTS:33665

Dear Deniz--

[g] Yes, but..."...about a boy...who goes back in time...with a cat" is exactly what your story _is_ about! I.e., that's a nice, succinct capsule description of the essence of the book, to which you then add a sentence or two about the conflicts said boy encounters and what the cat has to do with it all, and...Bob's your uncle. [g]

--Diana www.dianagabaldon.com"

Today’s featured blogger is... Sage!

Have you ever been interviewed?
Share links in the comments!


Nick Wilford said…
That's a lot of awards! Most deserved, as you have a fantastic array of content.
Hi Deniz - great list of awards and places for us to visit ... well done on the Diana Gabaldon comment - fun to have received. Right I've added Sage to my blog/Feedly roll ... cheers and have happy weekend (what's left) - Hilary

Marcy said…
No interviews relating to writing or blogging. Job interviews, yes, but they haven't always led to said job. Congrats on so many successful projects and awards.
sage said…
You have a lot of awards and then I see something familiar at the bottom of your page. Thanks for the shout-out, Deniz!

Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks, all!

Happy to do it, sage!

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