Y is for... AnY Other Writing, and for ROW80

Back in 2011, I held a week-long contest to celebrate the fact that I'd reached my 500th post, after nearly four years of blogging.

At the time, I sorted many of my previous posts into groups, which made for easy referencing, especially of story material. (Also because I've never tagged my posts!)

When I celebrated reaching my 1000th post during last year's A to Z Challenge there wasn't time to sort all the posts between 2011 and 2016.
What better time than now?

I’m actually going to go over 1,000, and collate all posts to the end of 2016! And I’m going to link to every single post (except for the A to Z posts, which are mostly summarized), something I didn’t do in my original 500 compilation, or even in my 900th post compilation.

I’ve got lots of fun themes coming up for each day -- and each day will also highlight a fellow blogger or two!

Today is...

Y: for anY other writing and for A Round of Words in 80 Days!

A poem about the circus

My first murder mystery

Plot bunnies

gary had a sweetheart

where was All the Cow? and here

Flash fiction at Ozlem Yikici’s blog

My letter in Real Simple magazine

Bizim Anadolu newspaper

Some ROW80 related posts on goals and updates: here and here and here and here and all the ongoing edits for all the novels and specific goals! and long-term goals and revised long-term goals and here and here and an update and an annual update

Rosey the Dragon (a story I wrote when I was 10)

Writing a short story all in one day! and a photo of the main character

Radio Nowhere snip

Two snips from early stories (Klara and “Peter”)

Photos for a dystopian story

Many sentence snips

Charles II snip

Another short story written in one sitting! and entering it in the Surrey International Writers’ Conference contest and being shortlisted!

A 500 word story written over one month

A vignette and its submission to a Janet Reid flash fiction contest

Wrap up of all my writing by year, 2000 to 2013, and How Has Your Writing Changed?

Winter Solstice, a collaborative story on the Forum

The Face of A Lion snip and here

Dystopian story snip and here

This was part of a writers' exercise on the Forum. Here are the three sentences I came up with:

The squeak of a small child at night, like a kitten with a full belly who mews for yet one drop more.

She was all hard like the lines of a crystal, but whenever I came to her, each facet softened and blurred and I saw her rainbows.

Sleep came over him as I watched, wavering, as moonlight does over the still surface of sea waters cradled in an Aegean cove.

Peter and Penelope aka NaNoWriMo 2014 aka The Ottoman Sultan’s Captive: here and the research needed

New dystopian short story

CampNaNoWriMo 2015 story

The Horror of Horhor

Phillippe and Milly aka NaNoWriMo 2015

A Kedi vignette

The first blurb for The Charm of Time

The first shared snip

Today's featured bloggers are... Crystal Collier and Roland Yeomans and Hilary and Tara Tyler and Damyanti!

What's the shortest story you've ever written?
The longest?


Hi Deniz - thanks for including me in your blogger mentions ... in good company I see. You are amazing at what you manage to cram in with all your other commitments - something we all need to emulate ... but we all learn from each other.

I haven't been good at writing stories (short or long) ... but on occasions I'll give them a go ... cheers Hilary

Deniz Bevan said…
Hope you have fun writing stories, Hilary!

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