Hodge Podge No. 2! IWSG Day, Peter Sallis RIP, and Writing Prompts

Hodge Podge post No. 2!

Actor Peter Sallis has passed away at the age of 96. He voiced Wallace in the animated films of Wallace and Gromit and, among a slew of other roles throughout his career, played the character of Norman Clegg in the longest running comedy on television, The Last of the Summer Wine, from the first episode in 1973 to the last episode in 2010, when the series concluded (295 episodes!).

Other characters have come and gone on the series -- and the gradually changing face of the Yorkshire Dales can be seen over the decades.

Today is Insecure Writer's Support Group Day!

The question for this month is: "Did you ever say “I quit”? If so, what happened to make you come back to writing?"

I've never quit! I've had at least one very long stretch of writer's block, and I've procrastinated a lot over the years on editing that I could have done, but I've never skimped on writing or research.
Drafting is the best part, the most fun. Exploring a new story is so exciting. I always seem to find time for that, when inspiration strikes, and even when there's no more inspiration but a story must be completed. I've got very few half-finished drafts. Lots of unedited novels, but at least they all have a beginning, middle, and an end! With some gaps, maybe...

Thank you to this month's IWSG Day co-hosts! Here are their blog links:

Meanwhile, The New York Times has just released A Year of Picture Prompts, "short, accessible, image-driven posts feature photographs and illustrations from The Times, and invite a variety of written or spoken responses — from creative storytelling to personal narrative..." Look at this intriguing list of categories!

Mysterious Doors
One Night
Dog at the Counter
Cats in Clothes
Sneaker Collection
On the Street
Beware of Zombies
Big Numbers
Pool of Sprinkles
Secret Spaces
A Narwhal’s Life
Inspiration From an Illustration
Dancers in Masks
Frozen Fish
Cards in the Air
Opening the Door
The Badger and the Cow

Do you have a source for writing prompts or other inspiration?


Crystal Collier said…
Writing prompts... Who needs those? LOL. I guess some people, but I've got the opposite problem--too many stories, too little time.

I was sad to learn that Wallace passed away. I mean, it was inevitable, but still. Whose going to taunt Grommit and rave about cheese in his place? Hm. Maybe I will. ;)
Nicola said…
Hi Deniz. I like to read and look at picture prompts but hardly ever use them. I love you 'no quit' approach to life. Good for you! Wishing you a lovely week.
Chrys Fey said…
I'm glad you've never given up. :)
sage said…
Keep going... but if I had a writer's prompt like "frozen fish sticks" I might just quit on principle!
Em-Musing said…
I'm like Crystal...writing prompts?I could blog every day with writer prompts. Too many prompts, so little time. Thanks for the list though. Interesting. And I like the visual of doors I have many from my road trip through Mexico. You'd neve guess where they came from...they look so much like all the other photos of interesting doors.
You keep your happy first drafting and I'll enjoy the editing.
Really sad Peter Sallis passed away. No more Wallace...
S.P. Bowers said…
Aw, I loved Wallace and Gromit. RIP.
Sarah Foster said…
I definitely suffer from writer's block and procrastination as well, but those are more like breaks than actually quitting. Quitting would mean you have no intention to write again.
Susan Kane said…

Another talent leaves the stage. Wallace and Grommet have been truly original, delightful.

Who will step into those boots?

Very sad to hear of Sallis' passing. I had no idea he was so old, but he certainly lived a long and full life.

I assume Frank Welker will take over the voice of Gromit. I'm only half joking. He already does the voice of virtually every other animated character.

Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks for coming by, all :-)
I like your writing inspirations. I'm glad you never quit. I've said, "I should quit," a few times, but I've never done it.
Blogoratti said…
Very sad indeed and what a great talented individual. Warm greetings!
Tara Tyler R said…
i love Wallace and Gromit - so sad =(
but what a full, long life!

and never quit! good message this month
also liked the NYTimes article, thanks!

Happy Summer beginnings!
Tara Tyler Talks
Deniz Bevan said…
Thank you, both!
Hi Deniz - Peter Sallis had an incredible voice - I never really knew who he was - I knew Wallace's voice, and I knew of The Last of the Summer Wine - hardly watched it - I guess by being out of the country things passed me by and I was usually out ...

Quit - I can't imagine you quitting ... but I can see all the research going on ... it'd be great if a book would just grow for you ... I'm sure it will - I suspect a children's book ...

Picture Prompts ... fascinating ... but like Crystal my mind is way too full to add to it ... but 160 prompts looks interesting .. make a story from all of them ... Fun - and thanks for your visits .. cheers Hilary
Michael Di Gesu said…
Hi, Deniz,

LOVE your enthusiasm about writing..... I know you will never quit. You are always 'ON" weather reading, writing, or researching.... I wish I had your energy. LOL Hope all is well!
I'm glad you've never given up on writing and looking forward to the day when I hold one of your published works in my hand.
DMS said…
I have procrastinated or taken a long time to get my writing done, but I haven't quit yet either.

I tend to draw when I need a writing prompt. But I know lots of people who like to look at other pictures when they write. :)
Nick Wilford said…
Sad to hear about Peter Sallis, but at least he was a good age. I have to say Last of the Summer Wine was my dad's programme - we all used to make fun of it - but Wallace and Gromit is solid gold. You sound like a very dedicated writer - I'm impressed by your work ethic!
Deniz Bevan said…
Thank you, all!
I think it's easier to love Last of the Summer Wine when you're "outside" the UK, Nick. I love watching it for the language, the word play, the pubs, the countryside, all of that. But I'm also partial to old men on screen -- doesn't that just sound weird? But Hartnell and Troughton and Capaldi are my favourite Doctors :-)

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