Jaunt Round the Blogosphere! Also, I Need a Title!

I blog, you blog, he/she/it blogs...

I'm visiting blogs and bloggers today that I haven't had a chance to visit in weeks. Come with me!

First we're off to see Ninja Captain Alex Cavanaugh... And then over to Hilary in England...

And Trisha in Australia!

Then it's off to see:


For ROW80, I have a new goal this week -- I have to change the title of At Summer's End. Here's the blurb:

Having completed her medical studies at home in Canada, Ayşe is visiting her grandparents in Istanbul for an extended break before throwing herself into residency work. Her vacation heats up a notch when she meets Hakan, who is working for Doctors Without Borders in southern Turkey.

They share an intense afternoon on a sun-drenched, secluded rooftop -- and then he disappears.

Just when Ayşe's decided to chalk up their affair as a one-time pleasure, he's back -- calling from the camps where he’s based, asking her to join him. She's got this summer for leaps of faith, before she returns to real life and responsibility, and when Hakan meets her at the bus station the next day, a passionate interlude on a desolate hilltop reinforces all that he’s already come to mean to her. Yet when she meets the other doctors at the camps and discovers he’s been hiding a life-altering secret, she remembers why she's always put work before relationships. Until now.

For once Ayşe will have to trust her heart, and give Hakan a chance to prove his good intentions, if she decides they'll be together at summer's end.

It's an erotic short story, and I need a suitably steamy title...

Speaking of summer, would you believe I haven't gone swimming at all yet this summer? I've got to get in the lake this weekend!

Please share some blogs you think everyone should visit!

Can you think of a title for my short story?

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