Summertime Photos from Founex, Switzerland

Photos from a staycation!

Not exactly, as these were taken over the course of the summer, and we did travel to other places. But many weekends it's nice to stay home and explore our surroundings a little more.

I've posted photos of Founex and the neighbouring towns before, and collated all the Switzerland photos during this year's
A to Z, but for the sake of completeness, here they are again:

And then two more posts from after the A to Z cut off:

Here is this summer's collection:

A new tea shop in the town of Coppet

Looking down on the Dole, the highest peak of the Jura, from the plane

Photos from on the Dole:

Looking towards Geneva on the right, at the end of the lake

From the plane, the Ain river in France, and then Founex

Entering Founex by road

Nyon from the plane

How did these get mixed up here?
It's London, from the plane!
I tried to zoom in on the Isle of Dogs and the Houses of Parliament

Waterside views from the United Nations Beach Club and Coppet

Cornavin, the train station at Geneva

"It is later than you think"

A fresco from a church in Nyon

There's only one week left in the current round of ROW80!

Let's see if I can do a quick recap without recopying my text of my goals list from last week:

The Charm of Time: reread again; clear up the Scots and Swiss; address character arcs; edit the climax; send to betas!
Druid's Moon: still need to send it to that small publisher
untitled murder mystery short story: enter the edits I scribbled on paper
"The Tattoo" short story: enter edits from betas
short story for Carina: submit edits (yes, I did them! it wasn't as bad as I feared!)

School: start readings; answer first essay question
Bagpipes at the opening address!

Knitting: finish knitting baby blanket and don't forget to take a photo before gift wrapping it!

[Speaking of having no time for anything -- and needing a Time Turner -- it's silly, but this is the sort of thing I miss seeing in real time on Twitter. If only they'd fix the functionality of the Twitter app on Android.]

1100 posts on this blog
201 on the knitting blog
10 years of blogging!

I'd still like to do something to commemorate this anniversary, but I'm not sure what. I've held contests before, and book giveaways, but I wonder... I might actually try hosting a bloghop, maybe. But it will have to wait, unfortunately, while I'm busy with school. I'll just start gathering info!

Do you enjoy bloghops?
Which themes have been your favourites?
Have you shared photos from your last staycation?


Hi Deniz - looks wonderful .. so glad you got to Dole - it looks amazing. You caught the meander in the Thames and the Isle of Dogs (just!) - but clouds don't help ...

Congratulations on 10 years of blogging ... is she off to school already? That's incredible - time flyeth ... great photos and catch up news - you're always choc-a-bloc with doing things!! Take care and cheers - Hilary
Congratulations on ten years!
I really like the lake shots.
USNessie said…
I've done bloghops, and I do like them. It's one way to get eyes on your work that wouldn't normally see you. But it's not a LOT of not the best if your goal is promo. Still, better than many alternatives.
I just love the pictures. And am so very jealous of your travels. Here's to many more!
I do enjoy blog hops. My favorite so far was the spontaneous "I'm THAT Mom" unschooling hop. I love what I wrote for it, and writing it deepened my parenting. I also read many other brilliant posts!

Whatever you do - may it bring YOU joy! =D

P.S. The lake photos are especially lovely!
Deniz Bevan said…
Glad you all enjoyed the photos!

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