JK Rowling and Harry Potter

Rowling and Harry Potter!

Over a week ago I read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stane, the Scots translation (by Matthew Fitt) of the first Harry Potter book.

I thought it could be a one-off read, but no. I find myself rereading the entire series for the umpteenth time, and thought I'd collate most of the J. K. Rowling and Harry Potter mentions on this blog, from 2008 until now. Including this Harry Potter prequel, which I'd completely forgotten about! Apparently the original has been stolen. (Updated link to the prequel in the comments on the old post.)

questionnaires and memes:
Books Read meme
oddball books and reading questions and an updated version of the same questionnaire (with scathing notes to myself)
a list of young adult books
15 books in 15 minutes
reading habits

a cup of tea

an item from my wishlists:
Harry Potter series audiobook, narrated by Stephen Fry

which book would you want to live in?

interview with Rowling
The Elephant House, Edinburgh

what if J. K. Rowling had self-published?

character arcs:

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Harry Potter series in general
another discussion of the Harry Potter series
The Cuckoo's Calling
The Silkworm
The Casual Vacancy (in which I take potshots at The Guardian and The New York Times reviews)
a possible flaw in the Harry Potter series

Harry Potter blogfest: which two characters would be your mates?

I wish I had time for Pottermore

Finally, another fun meme: I write like J. K. Rowling!

My ROW80 goals haven't suffered too badly with all this rereading -- I've picked up edits for The Handful of Time once more. Nearly ready to print it and edit for a second time on paper!

Which books do you reread?

Please share any fun book-related questionnaires you've blogged about!


I've only reread two series - LOTR and Shannara. Wait, make that three - Narnia.
Deniz Bevan said…
I reread LoTR and Narnia all the time. Guess I should check out Shannara!

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