ROW80 New Goals and Three Mystery Recommendations

Three great reads!

I've recently read -- devoured -- three really good mysteries, coincidentally by authors with an Mc in their names:

The Ashes of Berlin by Luke McCallin

Book 3 in the Gregor Reinhardt series
"1947 and Gregor Reinhardt has been hired back onto Berlin's civilian police force. The city is divided among the victorious allied powers, tensions are growing, and the police are riven by internal rivalries as factions within it jockey for power and influence with Berlin's new masters.

When a man is found slain in a broken-down tenement, Reinhardt embarks on a gruesome investigation. It seems a serial killer is on the loose, and matters only escalate when it's discovered that one of the victims was the brother of a Nazi scientist.

Reinhardt's search for the truth takes him across the divided city and soon embroils him in a plot involving the Western Allies and the Soviets. And as he comes under the scrutiny of a group of Germans who want to continue the war – and faces an unwanted reminder from his own past – Reinhardt realizes that this investigation could cost him everything as he pursues a killer who believes that all wrongs must be avenged..."

Out of Bounds by Val McDermid

Book 4 of 5 (to date) in the Karen Pirie series

"‘There were a lot of things that ran in families, but murder wasn’t one of them …’Detective Chief Inspector Karen Pirie is an expert at solving the unsolvable.

With each cold case closed, justice is served. So when a teenage joyrider crashes a stolen car and ends up in a coma, a routine DNA test could be the key to unlocking the mystery of a twenty-year-old murder inquiry. Finding the answer should be straightforward, but it’s as twisted as the DNA helix itself. Meanwhile, Karen finds herself irresistibly drawn to another case, one that she has no business investigating. And as she pieces together decades-old evidence, Karen discovers the most dangerous kind of secrets. Secrets that someone is willing to kill for..."

I'll Never Tell by Catherine Mckenzie

"Deeply buried secrets make for a disturbing family reunion in bestselling author Catherine McKenzie’s tantalizing novel of psychological suspense.

What happened to Amanda Holmes?

Twenty years ago, she was found bludgeoned in a rowboat at the MacAllister family’s Camp Macaw. No one was ever charged with the crime.

Now, after their parents’ sudden deaths, the MacAllister siblings return to camp to read the will and decide what to do with the prime real estate the camp occupies. Ryan needs to sell. Margaux hasn’t made up her mind. Mary believes in leaving well enough alone. Kate and Liddie—the twins—have opposing views. And Sean Booth, the groundskeeper, just hopes he still has a home when all is said and done.

But it’s more complicated than a simple vote. The will stipulates that until they unravel the mystery of what happened to Amanda, they can’t settle the estate. Any one of them could have done it, and each one is holding a piece of the puzzle. Will they work together to finally discover the truth, or will their secrets finally tear the family apart?"

All this reading is my excuse for not having gotten too far on my goal for this round of A Round of Words in 80 Days. So my goal still stands -- keep going on edits for The Handful of Time. I'm only on chapter 3!

Otherwise, I could work some more on edits for my short story, Blackbird's Song. And finally get around to submitting Druid's Moon for an editorial review by Barbara Rogan.

What are your latest goals?
Have you read a good mystery lately?


Keep going on those edits!
sage said…
The Ashes of Berlin sounds good... I'm leery of a McKenzie writing about family reunions, as I've got plenty of McKenzie blood in my veins. She may be writing about me ;)
Chrys Fey said…
I'll Never Tell...oh, good title and cover! Nice. Thanks for the recommendations!

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