Photos of Writing...and Food

Wwriting-related photos!

These are all from the last couple of years... I bribe myself with food and coffee often, in order to get edits done.

Drafting doesn't take effort, but editing certainly does!

Hoping to virtually inspire myself -- and you who are reading this! -- before the next round of ROW80, and this year's NaNoWriMo.

What they call Cafe Gourmand -- mini desserts and coffee!

Whipped cream...

There are mountains in the distance...

This was just the entree!

Scribbling with my favourite pen

Swiss breakfast

Starbucks breakfast

The Auberge d'William Tell

All the manuscripts!

What motivates you to complete a task?


Love the idea of bribery, Deniz, in order to get the editing done. I've almost completed the editing of River Dark, now to go through the horrible process of the synopsis, the covering letter, and the in depth study of the agents I've chosen to send work to. I've vowed never again to self-publish, so see if this book sees the light of day đŸ€—
That's a lot of manuscripts - I'm impressed.
Hi Deniz - oh I need food too ... love your bribes! Powers of concentration are what I need ... and I'm always darting from one thing to another - perhaps regular meetings for dinner would be enticing! Lovely to see - and hope you had a lovely summer, as well getting some work done - cheers Hilary
Shell said…
MMM food, cheese, and babies :D