ROW80 End of Round, RIP Ric Ocasek, and Random Photos


Random photos; a random, sprawling post.

For one thing, school has started in earnest, and things have gotten busier! I hadn't even realised we'd reached the end of the third round of A Round of Words in 80 Days.

I had three main writing goals:
  • Keep going on edits for The Handful of Time. I'm only on chapter 3!
  • Otherwise, I could work some more on edits for my short story, Blackbird's Song
  • And finally get around to submitting Druid's Moon for an editorial review by Barbara Rogan

I didn't do any of this, except for the bits of The Handful of Time that got revised while I was working on the monthly exercises for at thelitforum.

On the other hand, I drafted any number of scenes for this year's NaNoWriMo story, The Antipodean Time, during the Ask Me Anything exercise in August! All I really need is to figure out the timeline of the story itself, and then I'll be ready.

And this month's exercise, all about action scenes, has opened up a plot hole in The Handful of Time, which needs looking into...

So these are my goals for the final ROW80 round of the year:
  • Keep up with (complete?!) The Antipodean Time for NaNoWriMo
  • Solve the plot hole in The Handful of Time
  • Keep up with school and everything else

In other news, Ric Ocasek of The Cars has passed away. I hadn't known about the doodling:

And now, some random photos I've been saving!

Butterflies at the garden centre
Yummy local cheese

Village photos
Views from a plane: Edinburgh

Views from a plane: Founex

Giant hourglass!

Two nights after the full (the harvest moon of 13 September; sorry it's sideways!))

Lunchtime companion peacock (also sideways)!

Beer: Swaf (a play on "soif", French for thirst)

Beer: Efes, Turkish beer in a Swiss restaurant!

Does anyone know what tree this is? 
Trying to identify wheat!

Definitely not wheat!

These are poppies...

This is not wheat, is it?

Here's a wheatfield!

Are you going to take part in NaNoWriMo or another challenge?
Do you recognise that tree?


Glad you will be all set for NaNo.
Very sad Ric Ocasek passed.
Ric's passing was a shock. The Cars was the background song for so many good times in my young life. Let the good times roll was the best philosophy.
Think you need two lives to keep up with everything đŸ€— Thanks for reminding me of NaNo, thinking of using this to kick start my novel for grown-ups!