New Relase from Kait Nolan and NaNoWriMo

National Novel Writing Month continues!

But I've also had fun reading a couple of ARCs this week.

I'll feature the second next week; today we have:

Bring It On Home by Kait Nolan

"'That girl who got knocked up in high school.'

Maggie Reynolds went all the way to Los Angeles to escape that label, but she hears the whispers every time she comes home to Eden's Ridge, Tennessee. She's been burning the candle at both ends for the last twelve years, trying to make something of her herself, trying to give people something else to say about her.

Porter Ingram prides himself on being a steady man, a good friend, but he's none too steady when he flies off to California because Maggie's collapsed from exhaustion and she doesn't want her sister, Pru, to worry. Not when Pru's about to have a baby any minute. What Maggie doesn't know is that she's more than just a good friend to Porter. It's an open secret he's been wearing on his sleeve for years, if she'd only see it.

When Maggie's forced to take a sabbatical from work, the obvious choice is to go home to Tennessee. But there's nothing restful about just doing nothing for a doer like her. Throwing herself into getting the Eden's Ridge Artisan Guild off the ground is a natural fit for her talents, and Porter's grateful for her help. But walking in the shadows of their painful past could reveal secrets that just might destroy everything they think they know about each other."

I love diving into Kait Nolan's stories, and the latest in the Misfit Inn collection does not disappoint. The romance is sweet and fiery at the same time, and it's wonderful to see what some of the characters from the previous stories are now up to. I really liked the way Maggie's work talents dovetailed into the way she could help out the Eden's Ridge community. I wish I could visit the area, like visiting a movie set. I won't reveal too much, but the extra emotional kick related to Maggie and her family's foster mother had me all teary. Kait's books make great holiday gifts (just sayin')!

An author after my own heart, Kait's shared Eden's Ridge and Wishful Universe Timelines on her blog.

NaNoWriMo is progressing steadily!

I'm still averaging only about 1,000 words per day instead of 1,667, but have a lot of words for school assignments that are shifting my focus.

Here's a teaser from the prologue to The Antipodean Time:

Barbados, here I come!
There's a hammock somewhere with my name on it, and a waiter with a grin and a tray of drinks. Later I'll visit the rum distilleries and all the historical sites I've looked up. But first things first, I want the sun, the sand, the cocktails.
I've never been on an island holiday before, and as I get in line at the airport gate, passport in one hand, phone in my other, e-ticket ready to be scanned, I look around at my group of friends, and wonder who I should share my excitement with.
They're all taking it in stride. Most of them have been to one Caribbean island or another before, or stayed at some resort in Mexico. They all seem blasé, maybe even bored, concentrating on the long flight and not the destination.
I keep my phone in hand as we head down the jetway and board the plane. Seat 33A. I've got the window and --
"Excuse me." I'm trying to be polite, but my voice comes out all gruff. "You're in my seat."
"Really?" The dark-haired guy with his belt already buckled peers up at me. "Are you sure?" He knocks out an ear bud, giving me more of his focus. ...

What's your favourite kind of holiday?


Congratulations to Kait.
A thousand words is still good!
Trisha said…
I'm going well with NaNo as well - I'm actually ahead of my required words, and while many of those words will cease to exist in revisions (some of this writing really is not good. haha), I'll worry about that later. This is my first time writing to a beat sheet plan, so I'm hoping revisions won't be the usual nightmare.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thank you both!