Knitting in the Wild

Knitting in the wild!

I haven't had one of these Knitting in the Wild posts in quite a long time.

This one is a continuation of our trip to the Canada and impressionism exhibit in Lausanne.

Knitting by H Mabel May

My little shadow

Have you seen any crafts in the wild recently?


Hi Deniz - great to see the little shadow ... well she's exhibiting some similar traits ... learning ... even if it is about knitting! Take care and all the best now - Hilary
Deniz Bevan said…
Thank you, Hilary, all the best to you, too!
Nas said…
Hi Deniz!

She's grown so much. I feel just recently she was a baby!
I learned knitting from my grandma but haven't tried it again. I might give it a try now.

All the best and stay safe!
Kelly Steel said…
Any new creative way we pick up at this time will calm our minds. Thanks for this post!
Its good to keep doing something creative.