Hodge Podge No. 10: Free Books! Artists on Patreon, Knitting and Baking

Hodge Podge No. 10!

I've passed 1200 posts! Normally I'd have some sort of contest for this... I'll have to think about something fun. An art contest? A story contest?

Visit Faded Page for thousands of free books in the public domain!

Here are all the artists and creators I support on Patreon:
Amanda Palmer music
Alice Fraser comedy and interviews
Jenny Dolfen art (including Tolkien-related art)
Jherek Bischoff music
Knitty knitting magazine
Monica Byrne writing
The Prancing Pony Tolkien-related podcast

Knitting and baking from the last week or so:

Baby hat!

Baby blanket! This one is in progress. I need to find a flannel backing for it.

The first time I have made this kind of cake. I haven't separated eggs in a long time. It came out perfectly! If anyone wants, I can share the recipe in English.

I made ice cream! I cup milk, some chopped up chocolate, and a spoonful of sugar (I used maple syrup sugar) in a bag; put this bag in another bag with ice and half a cup of salt, and shake until it becomes soft serve! There was a slight incident with a leaking bag, but otherwise, it was yummy!

Baby hat No. 2 (about the tenth I've made recently) (and yes, that's a new release by Joel Dicker! I stayed up way too late last night to finish it...)

Have you started or finished any projects recently?
What's your favourite flavour of ice cream?


Hi Deniz - good for you for supporting fellow authors. Your knitting grows apace and I bet the kids will benefit hugely come winter time. Food - cake - yes please it's tea time ...!! Ice-cream for an afternoon coolness - glad your 'baking skills' are being encouraged and no doubt enjoyed.

I'm enjoying the lockdown and being able to quietly and peacefully and slowly! get on with things that needed to be sorted ... so I'm peaceful - not sure it's the way humans are meant to be ... but I'm not chafing at the walls yet.

All the best and hope you can all get out and about a bit - stay safe - Hilary
Wow, you're very industrious! I'd like to say that I've been as productive as you have been, but ever since the school year ended, I've been slacking off a little too much lately. And Patreon sounds cool. I think it's a great opportunity for artists to make a living off of what they create.
Deniz Bevan said…
It's funny how the photos don't show how wee these hats are!
Love the idea of a peaceful sorting and organizing, Hilary. That sounds perfect!
I'm in my last class for my Master's Neurotic, and I keep dreaming of how much I might be able to slack off once it's all done! I don't want to slack off my own writing/editing, but it would be so wonderful to do nothing (well, besides work) but READ for a few months!