Photos! United Nations, Lac Leman, and the Museum of Natural History

Photo interlude!

Work has gotten busy and so has writing life, so here's a photo interlude!

Two things I'm focusing on:

Plotting for NaNo! I have the names of my heroine and hero, the identity of the murder victim, the main suspect, the method of murder...and an inkling of some of the interpersonal conflicts. Hope the writing goes well!

I was meant to be attending the Surrey International Writers' Conference this year! While this didn't work out, I am attending this year's virtual conference! Not quite what I expected for my first time, but motivating and inspiring nonetheless! I'm very glad that the conference didn't have to miss out on a year. Funny, it was eight years ago that I hosted my own virtual Surrey for all those unable to attend...



Interesting glassworks history


Ground floor display at the Museum of Natural History

An update on the pangolin...

Text of the United Nations Charter on its first adoption

The Covenant of the League of Nations

Treaty of Versailles

Magna Carta

Cablegram from Rockefeller

The first session of the General Assembly

Library display!

View from the rooftops!

Canadian art, artist unkown

Views of the lake

This year I also attended Oxonmoot online!
Are there virtual conferences or workshops you've attended or are looking forward to attending?


It all looks so interesting. I want to live your life 😬

Stay safe đŸ˜·
Hi Deniz - I love the glass displays - they are so creative ... wonderful workmanship - I first saw 'mine' at Harvard - the Blaschka collection ... Bavarian glass workers from the 1800s. I visited them in 1976 and have always remembered them ... just exquisite work. Stunning ... I gather Harvard have cleaned and restored all their glass botanical works ...

Lovely photos and news of what you've been doing ... good luck with NaNo ... all the best - Hilary
Jeff said…
I have done a few virtual conferences--some writings one hosted by the Pat Conroy Center in Bluffton SC where interesting.
I like those pictures! I love museums because of how they honor and portray history and how they tell me interesting tidbits that I didn't know before. They shut down the museums around here once the pandemic started but have gradually been reopening; I plan on going to one once I get my next break from school.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks, all! This reminds me -- I also just joined the Creative Academy for Writers online. It's free, and they've got some great resources. As soon as I get organized (ha ha!) I'm hoping to take some blue pencil sessions on there.