I've done it! I've entered all (and I do mean all; there was a lot to fix, copy-edit wise and editorial wise) the red pen corrections into the electronic copy! Whew! Two days behind schedule, too :-)

champagne, confetti, chocolate interlude

Right, interlude over. Now comes more work. I have the following To Do list:

check all files to make sure I’ve noted all research, read all previous crits, etc.
make list of phrases to be translated into Latin (and find a Latin speaker)
double-check remaining copy-edit notes
WRITE the 5-6 scenes that are left and rewrite 1 major scene
read Shakespeare’s Cymbeline
reread one more time
send to beta readers!

Oh, and agents of course - I've got to polish that Q letter. But things are looking up. Reaching definite goals has done wonders for my self-confidence. Also, yesterday, as part of the January exercise on the forum, I wrote a brand new scene and had a major revelation about one of my main characters! Nothing like a surprise twist to make things exciting again...


Rachel said…
Congratulations, Deniz! Way to go!

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