Five Things I Love

From Susan!

1. Fellow authors

It’s impossible to name everyone, but I love being surrounded by like-minded authors; Susan, who gets appropriately het up about being banned from the YA section of the library (I mean really!), Jen, who spurs us on at MA and keeps herself on her writing toes, Jenny who keeps finding contests to enter, all the other MA girls who are dedicated, inspiring and provide laughs at just the right time, and of course everyone over at the Forum!

2. My new section at work

Where I get to do lots and lots of editing and copyediting – yay!

3. Trying new recipes at dinnertime

There’s two in the new issue of Chatelaine, or was it CanadianLiving, one for chicken and one for salmon, that I can’t wait to try, and Jamie Oliver is consistently coming up with exciting stuff – like rosemary salt!

4. The UK of the 1920s and 1930s

I can’t help it. The 1900s and the 1910s (saving the war) must have been good times too. By “good times” I mean a time when people were still articulate, when everything was new and exciting but still wrapped in the role-defined methods of the 19th Century (so that it was something brave and daring to step outside of one’s role), when the world’s population was less, when the pollution was less, when train travel was the norm, etc., etc.

5. Pam’s post on cat haikus

In honour of which I’m posting photos of Frodo, on the fireplace, and Sam, in a bag:

What about you? Any things you love today?


A Novel Woman said…

So cute. Love those photos. Here you go:

Paper bags are cool
I hide from you and plan moves
Like hide and big pounce!
How can you love the "UK of the 1920s and 1930s"? You never experienced it. One can't love something one never experienced.
Deniz Bevan said…
Yay! Thank you, Pam - Sam likes to hide and Frodo likes to pounce!
Deniz Bevan said…
"One can't love something one never experienced."
No? Interesting... Will have to think about this and get back to you.

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