The Promised Prophecy

Here's my projected schedule for 2009:

Dec 2008: The Face of A Lion: 6 pages per day, editing with the red pen

Jan 2009: 6 pages per day, entering all edits electronically; Cymbeline (Shakespeare)
to read (last research), house party on Compuserve!

Feb: send to beta readers, work on last bits, finish query (Q) letter; do Outlander
chapter summaries on the Yahoo OutlanderGathering group

March: finish Q letter for Frederick's Flight, send to five agents I've already queried; find more agents

April: reread The Face of A Lion; send more Qs; start drafting for "1492" and "Rose Diary" stories

May: continue drafting and start research

June: send more Qs; see what needs editing in The Face of A Lion; continue research, continue drafting

July: continue drafting and research

Aug: see if I can get a short story out of something, send to magazines

Sept: polish drafts - don't leave editing till last minute!' send more Qs

Oct: how many words am I at?, continue drafting, continue research; send more Qs

Nov: continue drafting, continue research; send more Qs

Dec: continue drafting, continue research; send more Qs


Ooh, the red pen...
Wowza! Sounds like you're going to have a very productive year.

Go for it!
Anonymous said…
Wow... you're so organised! I don't know what I'm goingn to have for lunch, much less what I'm going to do in June!

Love the blog, btw!

Mine is at: Will add a link to yours so I can come back easily!
My Vancouver said…
I am in awe, Deniz.

Hey, I have a plan too. Tonight I'm going to an Inauguration party, tomorrow my brakes get fixed, and Sunday I go hiking. Then, uh, what was the topic?

You go, girl!

Deniz Bevan said…
20 pages to go! Thanks Nixy, I've linked to yours too!

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