Statistics Canada

This is in relation to my Books Read in 2008 posts below. Wednesday's newspaper had a column on a government commissioned survey: the majority of respondents reported reading an average of 17 books over a 12-month period, of which 22% were Canadian authors.

Mine was 106 books over 50 weeks, with 14 Canadian books, or 13% by Canadian authors.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing; should I read more by Canadians?


How do you find time to read 106 books in one year?!

My total is about 22, including the ones I skimmed.
Deniz Bevan said…
22 doesn't sound like much - I thought you read more? I read fast, but probably the main reason I can and do read so much is that I'd rather read than do many other things; so I read on the train, while walking to the train, at night instead of watching tv, for a few hours on Saturday mornings, etc. Even at lunchtime at work if I'm not meeting anyone for lunch...

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