Characters' Faces


It's always exciting to unexpectedly come across an image and realise, that's him! And look, there she is!

I've been fortunate to find photos that match most of my characters.

From The Face of A Lion, here's Kedi:

Again from The Face of A Lion, here's Austin Alan Cunnick, first portrayed back in the day:

From Out of the Water, here's the mc, Rosa Magdalena Romero de Toledo, from The Orientalist Gallery:

Painting: The Marriage Market by Edwin Long (1829-91).

Her clothing is all wrong, of course, and Rosa doesn't carry baskets like that, but the face is hers.

From Out of the Water, Brother Arcturus the Cistercian:

Painting: Portrait of the Sculptor Duquesnoy by Anthony Van Dyck (1627-29).

Arcturus doesn't walk around with a sculpted head, of course, but again, it's the face that grabbed me.

From Out of the Water, Rosa's love:

I originally posted an altered version of this photo a few days ago, but I think Tara's right (thanks Tara!); anachronisms aside, the original photo shows more of his personality somehow. The photo was taken by Ara Güler.

The only one I'm missing to date is Rosa's father, Santiago.

(Don't forget, Part 12 of 24 of Forsaken by Shadow is up!)

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