Book Buying Ban or Reading Weekend?

Ouit buying books? Moi?
Impossible you say? Well, I've actually imposed a book buying ban on myself before.

Just look at the level I've reached this time around:

1 master list of books to buy, plus another list in my work email and in my personal email
2 amazon wishlists, on and
3 piles of books on my bedside table, plus two teetering piles on the floor
4 or so books read - hardly a dent - in the list of 180 books to read by 2015 (on the left hand side of the blog, a bit further down)
5 binders filled with research photocopies, printed books off Google and printed e-books (um, no, I don't have a Kindle. 1,500 book capacity? I'd fill it in a few months!)

Despite all that, I'm not ready to impose a ban yet. Instead, I'm having a reading weekend starting this evening, fittingly on a weekend where I've got a book club meeting. Also a family birthday, but you can't tell family you're reading and can't attend, can you? Maybe if you were this guy you could... I feel like acting that when I'm writing, sometimes.

Hmm, where to start? With the research? Some of the Cat Who books I haven't read yet? Something from the 180 books list?

When C S Lewis did this, he had a whole week in which to read. I've got two days and an evening - but hey, Tolkien Reading Day is coming up! I could get a head start on some poetry. Or there's always rereading John Bellairs, who passed away 20 years ago Wednesday.

Speaking of Wednesday, here's a giveaway I forgot to mention - a gorgeous post and contest at From the House of Edward.

(And so much for the snow clearing on Wednesday. We had yet another storm yesterday.)

Thank you Tanya for the lovely award!


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