Today's Blog Tour - Contests and Giveaways and Nathan on Indie

Nathan Bransford has an amazing post about indie publishing, followed up by today's post which showcases some of the better comments to the first one. All of the points he raises sway me toward indie publishing.

As if I hadn't already been swayed by the likes of Susan Bischoff and Kait Nolan. Kait's having a sale on Forsaken By Shadow to celebrate the book's one year anniversary on 25 March!

My only trouble is that I doubt I can make the time at the moment for marketing, book cover designing, and so on. Perhaps if I can wrangle part time work in the future, then I can consider it. But for now...

Are you a winner on Talli Roland's release party yet? Congratulations on the paperback release of The Hating Game, Talli!

Lynette Labelle - who's teaching the class Hook, Line and Sinker: How to hook readers and reel them in ("Do you know how to hook your readers? I mean, really hook them. Do you immediately think it’s all about the first paragraph? WRONG! Well…sort of.") in April - is hosting a contest in which you can win a critique of your first 500 words or query letter.

Melissa Bradley has a new book out - set in Istanbul! Just got my copy today.

Those are the blogs we have for you today. Now if you'll excuse me, snow clearing is happening on my street and I must go watch.

As for my own writing... I didn't even turn the computer on yesterday! Must have been repeat-lag from Monday night when, on a whim, I started doing a search of all the -ly words in my novel.

How many times do you use the word only?

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