X is for Kisses... Writers' Marathon Tomorrow!

X. x x x x.

As in kisses. As in romance.

Roni and Kristen and Talli had some great posts this past week on battling the romance stigmastanding up for the romance genre and defending chick lit.

I don't always read romance - it's not my preferred type of book to pick up at random, and romance novels usually aren't ones that I list among my all time favourites. Yet I look for romantic elements in every story I read and sigh happily whenever they're done well. Most especially, I've been writing in that genre for years now (with a few forays into literary, MG/YA, poetry and others) and it's the one genre that seems to get my muse working at a steady pace.

On that note, I may disappear from now until Michael's Harry Potter blogfest, as I plan to have a marathon editing session tomorrow. Nothing but me and the manuscript and a coloured pen. And coffee, oh yes please.

Meanwhile, Karen has a brilliant list of thirteen things we love about Lord John Grey.

Kait Nolan's celebrating the first anniversary of the release of Forsaken by Shadow and Claire Legrand has just signed a two-book deal.

Congratulations to both!

And before I forget... I haven't plugged Pop Sensation in a while, a place where the funniest, oddest, weirdest, most ill conceived paperbacks of a bygone era are put up for (mostly) ridicule. The latest one has some hilarious commentary - go on over and laugh!


Melissa Bradley said…
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Melissa Bradley said…
Let's try this again. :)

Good luck with your edits. I have to mainline caffeine when I go in on my ms as well.

I'll definitely have to check out Pop Sensation, it sounds like something I'd adore. And I'll be sure to stop in with Roni, Kristen and Talli. I love to read and write romance, myself and have ever since I was a kid and first read Romeo and Juliet.
Laura said…
Good luck with the edit! See you at the HP fest. Lx
Amie Kaufman said…
Good luck with the revisions! I'm with you--I love romantic elements to a story, even if I don't read a lot of straight romance.
Zan Marie said…
Good luck with the edits and the blogfests! I'm working on scene one--again. ; ) At some point I'll have to put it aside and write some of the rest of the story.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks everyone! Four hours of slashing apart the first 40 pages of the novel this afternoon. Now I'm supposed to be entering all those changes into the ms but had to stop by blogworld first!
Nas Dean said…
Hi, All the best with the revisions!
L'Aussie said…
Go Deniz. We'll be looking forward to hearing how you go.

Susan Fields said…
Good luck with your editing! And thanks for the links, I'm off to check out Pop Sensation - sounds like fun!
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks Denise and thanks Susan! What did you think - hilarious or what? Sometimes he even has really good books featured on there; they just happen to have odd covers and out-there art. Bought a Somerset Maugham from him for about a dollar or two a few months back!
way to go on buckling down to revisions!
I haven't read much romance, but great reads lately like Unearthly and Haven by Kristi Cook have really turned my tastes. I would never be able to write it, but it's a great read!
I love romances. *sigh*

I don't write romances, per se. But all my stories usually have a thread of romance that holds it all together. Because romance is awesome. That's what made Braveheart so much better than Gladiator. The love story was so much more prominent in Braveheart.

Sorry. I just happen to have had this discussion tonight, so it's on my mind...
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks for coming by TerryLynn! I don't read much romance myself - but love the sweetness of one that's done well.

I agree with you Carolina! I love the way a romantic thread can make a good story even better.
I don't read too much romance. A rom com here and there, but that's it. I loved Briget Jones's Diary and The Hating Game.
Deniz Bevan said…
I don't read it often myself Theresa - though it's surprising where romance can crop up. I'm reading a collection of PG Wodehouse short stories and two of them so far have been the darndest most unexpectedly sweet romances ever. Here's one of them: http://www.classicreader.com/book/3406/1/

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