X is for Kisses... Writers' Marathon Tomorrow!

X. x x x x.

As in kisses. As in romance.

Roni and Kristen and Talli had some great posts this past week on battling the romance stigmastanding up for the romance genre and defending chick lit.

I don't always read romance - it's not my preferred type of book to pick up at random, and romance novels usually aren't ones that I list among my all time favourites. Yet I look for romantic elements in every story I read and sigh happily whenever they're done well. Most especially, I've been writing in that genre for years now (with a few forays into literary, MG/YA, poetry and others) and it's the one genre that seems to get my muse working at a steady pace.

On that note, I may disappear from now until Michael's Harry Potter blogfest, as I plan to have a marathon editing session tomorrow. Nothing but me and the manuscript and a coloured pen. And coffee, oh yes please.

Meanwhile, Karen has a brilliant list of thirteen things we love about Lord John Grey.

Kait Nolan's celebrating the first anniversary of the release of Forsaken by Shadow and Claire Legrand has just signed a two-book deal.

Congratulations to both!

And before I forget... I haven't plugged Pop Sensation in a while, a place where the funniest, oddest, weirdest, most ill conceived paperbacks of a bygone era are put up for (mostly) ridicule. The latest one has some hilarious commentary - go on over and laugh!

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