Wednesday Link Happy - and Giveaways!


Jon Paul's given me this gift:

I'd like to pass it on to... all of you! Your comments always put a smile on my face. Whoever comes by that doesn't have this award yet, feel free to snap it up.

I came across Jon Paul's blog through his NaNoWriMo Video Songfest. If you haven't signed on yet, you still have a week to do it! My post was up last week and featured the Whisky Trench Riders.

Two celebrations!

Michael's having a giveaway and a party for his one year blogiversary and for reaching 500 followers.
Congratulations, Michael!

Len's hosting a thanksgiving and friendship celebration, with a giveaway!
Very glad to be your blogging friend, Len.

Meanwhile, the folks at Random Acts of Reading are hosting a series called Books in the Wild, showing books in their natural habitat, with kids, booksellers, animals, or just proudly on display. Snap some photos of your own novels, and your favourite books, and send them over.

Here's one from me, back in 2008 or so:

So excited to meet Diana Gabaldon again that I've got red eyes!

As for A Round of Words in 80 Days, I've finally caught up with NaNo. But in the true spirit of ROW80, my goals got revised a little. Now it's all about completing the draft of Ayten's story this month. Then December I can focus on editing Rosa's story, Out of the Water.

As usual, during NaNo (or a writers' houseparty, or any big event), housework is the first task to fall by the wayside. But one thing I do without fail is make the bed. I mean, would you rather come home to this:

(Yes, there's no bed in that image. But given the state of the room, I'm sure you can imagine what the bed must look like!)

Or this?:

(Image taken from the Tommy Hilfiger site)

Where do you stand on bed making? Is there any one chore you perform without fail?

Finally, Nathan Bransford had a hilarious post the other day about writing styles and What Not To Do. Go have a laugh!

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