How Do You Select Contest Winners?

How do you choose your contest winners?

I realised that, while I posted the winner of my 300 Followers (yay!) giveaway on Wednesday, I forgot to show exactly how Zan Marie won.

So here you have the patented Deniz method of random selection:

Numbers corresponding to the entrants are written on scraps of paper and displayed for the benefit of Sam:

What do I do with them? he wonders

Perhaps if I keep staring...

Frodo offers to help

Let me first investigate these small bits...

Then I'm going to stare in a pensive fashion

And, here it is. This is the one.

There you have it. Foolproof!

Regular writerly posting will resume Sunday!


Linda G. said…
LOL! Love it. Cats are always the most discerning judges. :)
Zan Marie said…
Well, of course! Cats know I'm their buddy. ; )
Trisha said…
That is very very adorable!! I may have to try that next time I hold a contest...if I ever do again. haha
Misha Gericke said…
Lol that is a genius way to do it. ^_^
S.P. Bowers said…
Frodo is adorable! Our cat is getting old. All he ever does is sleep and hide from our daughter. He's also huge and guest always think he's part bobcat.
That's the best way of choosing a winner that I've heard of. :) Much more interesting than a random number generator, handy as they are!

And . . . wow. Sam looks so much like our cat. Same stripes/white shoulder, same orange around the ears, same tail, except for a white tip. The build's identical, too.
Laurel Garver said…
We all know how picky cats are, so this seems like an excellent approach. Love it!
Anonymous said…
That sure guarantees a random selection.
Deniz Bevan said…
I agree Linda :-)

Aww, sure they do, Zan Marie :-)

We should host a joint contest, Trisha! But for what?

Hey Sara, everyone always says 'that's a fact cat' when they see Sam. If it wasn't for skinny Frodo, they might think I was to blame!

Neat, Eagle! Does your cat have a heart shape on the top of his head too?

Thanks Laurel and Joshua!

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