Insecure Writers' Support Group and Houseparties and 300 Followers

Our Insecure Writers' Support Group meets again!

Welcome, all writers.

Today let's revisit the best cure for writer's block I know:

Last year, I wrote a guest post on Kait Nolan's blog, describing what these houseparties are:
Houseparties are a great way to thrust your characters out of their familiar worlds and learn things about them that you may not have known before. Writing for a houseparty is just like writing your first draft – fast paced and fluid, with no second guessing; anything goes at a houseparty, from magic to skipping between time periods, to anachronistic events and language, to romantic interludes...
Links to all of the previous parties are here.

I mention all this as we've just had another party! This time the setting was the Madcap Mansion. Anything goes at these parties, you know.

Having raced, out of breath, to the finish line at NaNo, it felt great to reconnect with Ayten and Devran on a less structured level. After the Constantinople Houseparty, I asked: "Houseparties are so fast and exciting and fun; what if the novel seems dull after this?"

The answer seems obvious now - you know you're hitting the right notes in the novel when it moves as swiftly as a houseparty.

Don't forget to participate in the giveaways for Nadja's 12 Days of Christmas Reading Gift List!

Speaking of giveaways, I've passed 300 followers! Thank you everyone! There'll be prizes soon, I promise.

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