Review, Giveaway, Typewriter and A Second Book in the Wild

My latest review is up over at the 100 Romances Blog! This time I'm talking about When Harriet Came Home by Coleen Kwan.

Pam had a post the other day about sounds that have disappeared, which you can hear over at the NPR site for lost sounds. I still long for an old-fashioned typewriter, but I've heard there's only one store left in New York City that sells ribbons for such typewriters. I suspect they stay open thanks to Woody Allen, who has been using the same typewriter for 50 years. Lucky guy.

Julie Dao's having a giveaway to celebrate 400 followers! And one of her prizes is a copy of Outlander, so if you haven't yet started Diana Gabaldon's series, now's your chance. I mean, just look how happy her books make us:

That's Aven holding her copy of The Scottish Prisoner (part two of my Books in the Wild, inspired by Random Acts of Reading). Got a book in the wild? Send it on to me or Random Acts!


My sister has an old fashioned typewriter. The sound of the keys is so satisfying. NPR uses the sounds of keys when they do the 'Your Letters' segment.

Hard to believe I used to be annoyed when I got stuck with the hard to push down manual typewriters over the electric ones in 8th-grade typing class.

Happy New Year!
Zan Marie said…
Having spent many years on manual and then electric typewiters, I'm *not* nostalgic at all. I prefer a keyboard. But the sound is familiar. ; )
Zan Marie said…
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Zan Marie said…
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Anonymous said…
I haven't had a chance to read Diana Gabaldon yet, but you make me curious.

I had both a manual and electric typewriter in high school. They were a pain to use, but I do miss the sound they made.
Anonymous said…
Magnificent! (Wie üblich:.-P)
Missed Periods said…
I do miss the sound of the first touch of the needle on the record.
Deniz Bevan said…
You've got a lucky sister, Theresa!

Well, that's true, Zan Marie. I wouldn't trade copy/cut/paste for anything! I remember having to rewrite entire essays in school to make sure I had a fair copy...

Ooh, Medeia, don't want! Pick up Outlander right away!

That's a great sound, Missed!

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