I Want to be Neil Gaiman's Copy Editor, Whisky Trench Riders, and A Wrinkle in Time

Very exciting when you discover a new author and a whole new world of fandom. New for me, I mean. Yes I'm still gushing over Neil Gaiman. What can I say? He's been creating since around the time I was born, and I'm only just exploring his works now. Time is a funny thing. He should know; he's been in the TARDIS:

Have you?

Oh yes, about the copy editing. It's one thing I really enjoy. Neil says (I expect the blog will be full of that for the next little while. Neil says. Yes.):

"...And on, and on, for six hundred and fifty pages. And if all this seems pedantic, on the copy editor's part or on mine... well, yes. That's the point. He's paid not to see the wood for the trees. Actually he's paid to look up at the wood now and again, but mostly to keep track of all the leaves, and especially to make sure that Missy Gunther on page 253 isn't Missie Gunther when she returns on page 400."

Well, I'm a she, but we'll make do. I love keeping track of the leaves. In fact, it's more than that. It's an instinct to keep track of the leaves. Other people hear symphonies in their heads. I notice misplaced apostrophes and character eye colour changes.

A penultimate Neil thing. I hearby announce and proclaim and declaim that should Neil Gaiman ever embark on a tour for anything and he or his publishers or publicists overlook Montreal (as so many often do. We are cooler than Toronto, you know), then I will... I will do as Neil says:

"If there's anyone else out there who wants to hold a "The bastard isn't coming to [Anchorage/KansasCity/Orlando/NewOrleans etc] -- but we're going to have a party anyway" event, drop a line to Jack Womack."

I will host this thing. I'll find someplace, don't worry. A bookstore or a pub. Or a park or a sushi place. There will be books and drinks and Neil. (No promises on the latter.)

A final Neil thing: If you have read American Gods, but want one more paragraph, "about a garage in San Clemente with box after box of rare, strange and beautiful books in it rotting away" hie thee to Neil's journal.

The other day I mentioned Feast of Fiction, which I found out about from Jamie (aka Mithril Wisdom), and we were all blabbing about lembas - not only have they done lembas, but they brought in Montreal's own Epic Meal Time for the recipe! Which explains, completely, the bacon strips.

It's not food, but another literary thing I've always wanted is... well, I've always wanted to be able to kythe. 2012 marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of A Wrinkle In Time.

"When she completed the book in early 1960, it was rejected by at least 26 publishers, because it was, in L'Engle's words, 'too different', and 'because it deals overtly with the problem of evil, and it was too difficult for children, and was it a children's or an adults' book, anyhow?'" (wikipedia)

ROW80 news: I'm about two chapters away from finishing all the paper edits on Rome, Rhymes and Risk. Then I've got to make a list of all the missing scenes/bridges and draft them. Very excited - here's an excuse to buy a new notebook and have lattes in the mornings!

Also got my second rejection for Out of the Water. Two out of Five. Will send out another five queries this week...

Inspiration comes from the Whisky Trench Riders' second album, Underneath the Tavern Sign, which is available for FREE download. First album still for sale at only 10$. Ask me!


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