Me on Author's Echo, and This Day in History

Going to be featured on Adam Heine's blog tomorrow! That's the exciting part.

He'll be dissecting my query.. That's the worrisome part...

I've been a bit slack since finishing the first draft of Fred and Lyne's story last week. I've written a book review and some vague plot notes, done a wee bit of editing, and read a few research books. Can you tell I feel guilty for not keeping up with my morning pages every day? That's not even the half of it...

The main thing I'm supposed to be doing is revamping the query. I can't wait to see what Adam thinks of it, but I already know the main flaw: it's got no voice. I can't seem to transfer my story-writing voice to blurb and pitch writing. But I can't send out another query until I fix the letter... This is going to take a few mornings of bribing myself with lattes to put right!

Every once in a while, when I'm looking up specific dates as part of my research (usually near the beginning, when I'm wading into a topic), I take a look at This Day In History lists. For instance...

Today's both the anniversary of the Battle of Bosworth Field and the start of the English Civil War:

Bridge that Cromwell and his troops crossed, near Hurst Green, Lancashire

Charles returns to England, landing at Dover

close-up, to avoid the light of the flash

house in Winchester, where Charles put up Nell Gwynn
(they were having a book sale on the day we visited!)

Kings, at the Queen's Hotel in Chester

We were in Queen Caroline's room

It's also Dorothy Parker's and Ray Bradbury's birthday (1893 and 1920). Tomorrow, meanwhile, is the anniversary of the publication of the Gutenberg Bible, and Keith Moon's and Shaun Ryder's birthday; Ryder of the Happy Mondays:

Also, this week is the anniversary of the lead-up rumbles, and then the eruption, of Vesuvius, during which Pliny the Elder died. And Friday is Stephen Fry's birthday! As well as, cough cough, Ron Weasley's. Er, I mean Rupert Grint. I've never listened to an audiobook before, except for All Creatures Great and Small narrated by Christopher Timothy, but the Harry Potter books are on my wishlist - they're narrated by Stephen Fry!

Which anniversaries are you celebrating this week?

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