C is for Cuteness!

C is for... cuteness! Just the thing to get us through this month's Insecure Writer's Support Group. A good chuckle or awww goes a long way towards balancing your self esteem!

I try to keep this blog from getting swamped by cats, and usually succeed. (Though if you'd like to snag a Kedi's Paw award, feel free!)

But it's harder to resist on Twitter, since my iPod camera is only two clicks away...

Here's Sam, lead singer of #SamandtheFoodBowls.
That's the name of his band; someday we'll get that hashtag to trend!

My favourite part of Twitter is still the interaction with authors and other notables. I still fan girl squee when I get a reply.

I don't remember what was going on back in January, but I suggested that a puppy might help, and author Sam Sykes obliged:

Later, I was able to help Wil Wheaton's wife when a headache hit:

Then there are other animals, for instance, a goat from Joan of Dark:


And a squirrel:

But it always comes back to cats. Here's photographer Kyle Cassidy. Er, I mean his cat, Roswell:

I love the idea of a goodbye photo!

Cassidy also has a wonderful flickr group devoted to MorningCatface. I've joined, and tweeted a few photos myself, but haven't had a chance to upload on flickr. Here's Roswell again:

As for ROW80, I'm doing my darndest to get Druid's Moon in shape for beta readers.

Meanwhile, here's some more MorningCatface:

Lead singer of Sam and the Food Bowls

Frodo, the genius behind the curtain

Please link to your cute photos!

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