O wait. I'm supposed to have an ROW80 update, no? Does it count that I've read two more books from the Pile At Home That Never Seems To Diminish And Was Supposed To Be Done Before I Ordered More (and yet I caved and ordered some new releases)? Or that I have a new idea for a story (another one from a dream!)?

New ideas are very exciting, but they don't count at all. There's one week to go in this round, and then when round three starts, I've got to edit something and get back on the query wagon. I always work better with deadlines; here's a good one: Carina Press is still open for submissions (last I heard they're closing for submissions in September) and I've got that paranormal romance Druid's Moon that just might fit...

I love living in Europe for how easy it is to travel from one place to the next. We were in London for a weekend last month!

As Big Ben says on Twitter, BONG BONG BONG...

Cenotaph for the Women of War

Achilles statue erected for the Duke of Wellington

The Lion and the Unicorn
Little Boy in Hyde Park

Canada gates at Buckingham Palace

Saying hello to the Queen
Little Venice! I'd never visited this part of London before.
Obligatory fish and chips shot
Paddington Bear at Paddington station

Alexander Fleming's laboratory

300 year old pub, The Swan, and 21 month old baby

Swiss monument!

Standing before Canada House

Emily Carr paintings, exhibit at Canada House!

The first General Assembly of the United Nations was held at the Methodist Hall near Westminster Abbey!

St Margaret's Church and Westminster Abbey

Do you work better with a deadline or without?
Do you know of other small presses that are currently open for submissions?

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