Drinks with an Author! Also, I'm Not Doing the A to Z But...

This year, I'm not doing the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge, but am sharing weekly linky posts anyway!

I'd meant to do one each day, reposting travel photos for each letter, but unfortunately couldn't find the time to arrange them in advance.

J is for...journeying in the United States, road trip 2

K is for...Kusadası, Turkey, and part two

L is for...London, including the Victoria and Albert Museum and Lord Rochester (and here's Charles II)

M is for...Montreal, including my guide to 24 hours in Montreal

Also, here are a few articles I've written for the Bizim Anadolu newspaper:
Montreal is an Island
Walking in Old Montreal
Ideas for Your Staycation
Recipe for Pâté chômeur
Château Ramezay
Shakespeare in the Park
Salon Moov (hairstyling and Bengal cats!)

N is for...Nairobi, and part two

O is for...Oxford, and part two, plus Tolkien in Oxford

And from Bizim Anadolu: Tolkien, and My First Novel

Here's a view that I shared in the post of Oxford photos from 2007:

I like the question I asked at the end of that post (my answer would be Tolkien (of course!) and a peaty single malt), and I'm interested to see everyone's answers:

If you could share a drink with an author, who would you like to invite, and what would you drink?

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