Travel Post 1: Edinburgh


An extremely belated travel post.

I'm going to try to catch up on these in the next little while.

These are some shots from a visit with friends in June 2019...


Breakfast at The Haven in Newhaven

Bus stop view of Calton Hill 

Deep fried mars bar

Holyrood 9A pub

At the National Museum of Scotland:
At the cafeteria...

Clarsach, a Highland harp, c. 1500

James Watt

Lewis chess pieces

The Printed Word

Wylan Dilly, 1813; one of two oldest surviving steam locomotives

The various Wullies I saw from the Oor Wullie bucket trail:

Street scene, kind of a close

Street scene, clouds

Street scene, sun

Tolbooth Tavern

View from the plane: Edinburgh

View from the plane: Founex

View from the plane: Founex

Game of Thrones whisky trail!

Whisky ad: How does the Isle of Jura see the Sound of Islay but never hear it? It just does.

Where have you travelled to recently?


Edinburgh is such a cool city. The laughing boys are a little disturbing though. They weren't there twenty-plus years ago.
Hi Deniz - bet the kids love the laughing boys trail ... what fun for them - while the Museum obviously holds great history. So pleased you had this visit ... not sure about the Mars bars though ... perhaps my tummy is saying too rich now-a-days! Cheers Hilary
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks for coming by, Alex and Hilary! The Mars bar was very gooey...not something I'd eat again any time soon!
Nick Wilford said…
Looks like you had a great time, Edinburgh is a wonderful city. I wasn't sure you could still get deep fried Mars Bars - they're something of an urban myth!