ROW80 and the Winds of Lake Geneva


Winds of Lac Leman/Lake Geneva

I love learning the names of the winds around here. The bise is the one that's the coldest, coing straight over the Alps. I few of the others are detailed in this sheet from Mirabaud.

I had some other links, but I cut the information from my blog draft and went to paste it in here, and it had disappeared into the Microsoft ether. Back up everything, whenever you can!

We recently visited the Leman museum, where they had a whole panel devoted to the winds.

They also had a panel about Deep Purple!
The history of Smoke on the Water...

Mini ROW80 update! I've been trying to fix my short story to enter the Surrey International Writers' Conference contest, and I printed the latest version of Captive of the Sea, to see if I can get some edits done on paper...

Are there any special winds where you are?


I didn't even know that winds had names, but that's fascinating! I lived in the Windy City (Chicago) for many years, but I don't think we ever called the wind anything but "overwhelming" or "freezing". :)
Hi Deniz - the museum sounds fascinating ... I'd love to visit. Interesting to see Deep Purple featured. But I love Courbet's painting ... thanks for letting us know - the winds I did know about ... take care - Hilary