ROW80 Update, Story Links and Into the Woods

I've been writing like mad, even if it doesn't feel like it.

While I wait for the final input from beta readers for Out of the Water, I've been delving more into Ayten's story, Verse, Venice and Viziers.

For a while, it was hard to make the switch: Rosa was in my head so much and so often that every time I fell into that world, it was her and Baha I saw. I had to wrench myself from their happy ever after and focus on Ayten and all her conflicts with Devran.

A little of what I've come up with found its way into the Rule of Three blogfest: Part One featured Prince Cem, and Part Two featured Ayten Hanım (Miss Ayten), and Part Three featured Devran, the son of the Grand Vizier. Part Four - the final part - comes on Wednesday.

An outtake, from a scene occurring somewhat later in the story, was my entry in Rach's third challenge as part of the Third Writers' Platform-building Campaign. If you liked my story, please Like it on the linky list for the challenge.

And yesterday I wrote 1,800 words of all the story bits that have been filling my head. Longhand, of course, and with great gaping holes of description, along with nuances missing from when I first saw the scenes unfold. But all that, and further writing, will have to wait for November. Who else is taking part in NaNoWriMo this year?

So that's my ROW80 story. Meanwhile, last week I saw a local production of Into the Woods, Sondheim and Lapine's topsy turvy hilarious take on a few fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm. Nothing could ever be as good as the original Broadway production, of course, but the Music Theatre Montreal production was a great one nonetheless, that matched the singing and nuances of the original.

No YouTube links for the Montreal troupe, so here's the original Agony, sung by the two princes, one in love with Cinderella and the other with Rapunzel:


Nas Dean said…
Love the songs, thanks for posting!
S.P. Bowers said…
I love that play. Thanks for the link. It was fun to watch, been a while since I've seen it on stage.
L'Aussie said…
Hi Deniz. This is a great full post. You've been writing up a storm as always. Go girl. I wish I could visit Montreal and see this! Looks gorgeous.

I think you know I'm in NaNo this year for the third time. Look forward to it all year. Not getting much time to preplan. Looks like I go in on Day 1 and start thinking then!

Talli Roland said…
I'm jealous you got to see 'Into the Woods'! It sounds so good.
Sarah McCabe said…
Into the Woods is one of the best musicals! I'd love to see it on stage. Someday!
Tara said…
You've been a writing machine lately! Can't wait to see more of Ayten. :)

I'll try to get to the 7x7 later this week, or next. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
I enjoyed the video.

When I switch manuscripts, my mind will linger on the other. I can't help it when I've immersed myself in a wip for months (even years).
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks Sara! I'd never seen it on stage before, it was very exciting.

Thanks Denise! I hope they bring the buddy system back soon and we can add each other on NaNo.

Thanks for coming by Talli and Sarah!

I really hope it keeps up, Tara :-)

I know what you mean Medeia - it took a lot off thought to 'turn off' Rosa's pov. And she keeps trying to crowd her way back in!
L'Aussie said…
Deniz: Just so excited that you might post for us this week! Go Haunting!

Deniz Bevan said…
What if I'm late? Can I post Sunday?
Writing 1800 words ain't too shabby! You've been really busy. And you'll be even busier in November, I guess! Good luck. I'll be cheering you on.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thank so much, Theresa!

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