Recipes! Knitting and Baking and Music Round-Up

Yummy, yummy, yummy!

For a while there, I was knitting and baking practically every day.

Knitting in April

Baking and knitting in May

Baking and knitting and ice cream in May

I didn't take photos of all my baking, but here are the main recipes I used.

I also have my grandmother's recipe for apple pie.

My version came out more as a crumble, and tasted really good, especially with tea (and would also be good with vanilla ice cream!).

My sister has previously translated the apple pie recipe on her Desserts and Drawings blog!

In other news, Tim's Twitter Listening Party is continuing apace! These are lots of fun, especially for the nostalgic albums.

Two other music-from-home events:

Mark Morriss of the Bluetones

Martin Rossiter of Gene

What's your go-to pie recipe?


Hi Deniz - I'm not a pud person ... love the savoury dishes ... oh yes I too love desserts. I used to do a crushed chocolate coated biscuit, with butter, golden syrup and sometimes including glace cherries and/or nuts ... a fridge type biscuit - once cooled - cut into slices. Your family recipes must be amazing ... and I love Turkish foods ... take care and stay safe - Hilary
Shannon Yseult said…
I love all the passed down recipes! Looks like they turned out wonderfully!
Deniz Bevan said…
Thank you both!