Brotherhood of the Blade by Diana Gabaldon

I finally got my copy from Amazon yesterday. There's a feeling that Jamie Fraser gets at times, a sort of griping in the wame; well, I just hope that at least one book that I write gives a reader that sort of thrill/worry/anticipation/joy that I feel when delving into the life of Jamie, Claire or Lord John. This is also the first time I've read a book where I've already seen bits and pieces of it out of context (on the writers' forum), but it's much nicer to read it as a whole.
So as you can see, no writing accomplished this weekend. But I did manage to type up one already-written scene, and pick up a few facts, plot developments, research tips along the way. Note to self: too much red wine stains the lips purple; Austin should notice this.
I'll probably be heavily into the September exercise this week, yay to Claire for coming up with so many questions!
On a side note, being up this late (lovely housewarming Nina and Robin!) means I finally get to watch some good British tv. "Everything's bottom to you, isn't it?"
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