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Baking and Knitting and Strawberries and ROW80

raft post! I've not not been writing, including a final round of copy edits for Druid's Moon , but I've also been knitting quite regularly!   Among other activities... Apple pie and cookies! Brownies and cherry muffins (cherries from the cherry tree in our landlady's garden!) Walking to the strawberry field... Through the vines... Strawberries! So many! Open house at the winery up the road Checking on the kirsch in progress... Memorabilia! Our village, 200 years ago We bought the carved stone from Marilyn Designs ... ...and coloured it! In other news, we've been designing LEGO dinosaurs! A sewing project at school My latest project Using up some of my leftover yarns with the Dathan Hap pattern Ancient Christmas ornaments! From the late 1950s, early 1960s Pysanka! I didn't make these; they're by author Marsha Skyrpuch . I had a chance to make real Ukrainian Easter eggs years ago (with traditional dyes and the real melt