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Z is for... Ze End of Ze List

is for ze end of ze list. A to Z month is over! Beware, this is going to be a long post. I've got a jumble of favourites here, all from the last two months. Also touching on Insecure Writer's Support Group day and remembering to check in for A Round of Words in 80 Days ! First up, Diana Gabaldon promised me a Table of Contents in the next book! Then there are updates from astronaut Commander Hadfield ! Here's his April Fool's Day joke . All the photos he's posted are free to use. "Please just credit NASA" he says. Also this: "A thought - maybe some of these pictures would be useful on Wikipedia to show how places really look. Please add to Wiki pages if they help." On other days, he tells us about life on board the International Space Station: "We bathe, shave, wash hair and brush teeth, all with less than 1/4 litre of water" and "Where does Station water come from? We collect humidity and urine, purify it, heat it, disp

Y is for Yes You Can!

is for yes you can! My CampNaNo and ROW80 goals are not being met. But at any moment, I have to remember this: Must get back to work! Hope everyone's making progress. And in other news... Guest post from Susan Kaye Quinn as part of her blitz for the Debt Collector series! One lucky commenter will be entered to w in an ebook of the first Debt Collector episode , Delirium. Extra entry to all who sign up for Susan's newsletter! Also enter the a grand prize  Rafflecopter giveaway ! And now, here's Susan herself: Future-Noir or Why Retro Science Fiction is Awesome by Susan Kaye Quinn author of the future-noir serial Debt Collector Apparently, I write strange science fiction. This comes up whenever I try to classify my stories to readers, bloggers, the lady at the checkout stand, my mother, or Amazon (who insists that I need a "category" in which to place my books; I insist I need about five). Apparently I write novels that mash