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A New Vacation Read!

new read! Rising Heat : A contemporary summer romance anthology of short stories " Dreaming of summer lovin’? Take your mind on a summer vacation with seven standalone, contemporary romance, short stories from these new authors. Sweets come first (like every good meal!) and the hottest are saved for last. There’s a little something for everyone with MF, MM and MMF pairings – and guides at the start of each story to let you know what’s coming. No cliff hangers and an HEA every time. HAPPY TRAILS by Laura Wolf What’s in a name? Divorced. Jobless. Homeless. Katherine’s at a crossroads, with a name she hasn’t worn since she was nineteen. Her solution? To follow the advice of her long-deceased mother to ‘find herself in the wilderness’. But when Katherine, an under prepared wannabe explorer comes across the attractive and much more experienced hiker Grayson, the wilderness gives her more than she bargained for. STARLIT SHORES by Emmy-Lou James Abbie Gregory has a

New Relase from Kait Nolan and NaNoWriMo

ational Novel Writing Month continues! But I've also had fun reading a couple of ARCs this week. I'll feature the second next week; today we have: Bring It On Home by Kait Nolan "'That girl who got knocked up in high school.' Maggie Reynolds went all the way to Los Angeles to escape that label, but she hears the whispers every time she comes home to Eden's Ridge, Tennessee. She's been burning the candle at both ends for the last twelve years, trying to make something of her herself, trying to give people something else to say about her. Porter Ingram prides himself on being a steady man, a good friend, but he's none too steady when he flies off to California because Maggie's collapsed from exhaustion and she doesn't want her sister, Pru, to worry. Not when Pru's about to have a baby any minute. What Maggie doesn't know is that she's more than just a good friend to Porter. It's an open secret he's been weari

Eight Things OR How to Procrastinate, a NaNoWriMo update

ight Things! I filled out this questionnaire nearly a decade ago: 9 lots of 8 things about me . It's fun to see what's changed and what hasn't! 9 lots of 8 things about me : 8 projects I'm working on 1. sorting all the finished novels into order of priority for editing 2. finding an agent for The Charm of Time 3. editing a short story for a contest 4. knitting projects: a blanket, a pair of leg warmers, a tuque and other projects not yet begun 5. thinking of compiling short stories for an anthology (and thinking of short stories featuring Kedi) 6. school! 7. NaNoWriMo! 8. long-term plans for the blog 8 TV shows I watch (I don't watch many new shows, only old shows I like; this is based on last year) 1. Last of the Summer Wine 2. Father Ted 3. Fawlty Towers 4. Glitch 5. Breaking Bad 6. Seinfeld 7. various comedians filmed live 8. Doctor Who 8 favourite places to eat and drink 1. at home 2. Turkey - yup, anywhere in the country [thi

IWSG Day, NaNoWriMo, and Research Lists Consolidated

o much to do! School and NaNoWriMo and more. But first... Today is Insecure Writer's Support Group Day! "Purpose: To share and encourage. Writers can express doubts and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Those who have been through the fire can offer assistance and guidance. It’s a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds! Posting: The first Wednesday of every month is officially Insecure Writer’s Support Group day. Post your thoughts on your own blog. Talk about your doubts and the fears you have conquered. Discuss your struggles and triumphs. Offer a word of encouragement for others who are struggling. Visit others in the group and connect with your fellow writer - aim for a dozen new people each time - and return comments. This group is all about connecting! Be sure to link to this page and display the badge in your post. ... Let’s rock the neurotic writing world!" The awesome co-hosts for the November 6 posting of the IWSG are