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Prangins (Photos 4/4)

rangins museum is one of the national museums of Switzerland, featuring historical artefacts all in the grounds of a restored chateau. We visited back in the summer, and I'm hoping to return in spring, to see more of the gardens, as they feature many heirloom varieties of herbs and vegetables. Slowly learning the names of trees in French and German... Reproduction of a general store Cards! I wonder what game this is set up for? View over the lake Modern view over the lake Reproduction of records from hundreds of years ago, of people, purchases, events, all to do with the Chateau and the family that owned it Old map of Lac Leman region Now this looks like an interesting read... I know this last one is hard to read -- it's a composite (what's the real word?) of famous Swiss people thro

Morges (Photos 3/4)

orges! Previous series of Morges photos appeared here and in a post of Audrey Hepburn's home in Tolochenaz . We've visited a few times since then, for village fetes and markets, as the town is quite lovely -- a long lakeside promenade, flowers everywhere, a castle, and a main street with cafes and artisans' shops. Lucky it's away from home and not between home and work, as I'd be tempted to stop on the way and linger, in the garden of a restaurant, looking out on the lake, and writing. Fencing practice! Here. I'd like to be writing here. With a renverse and a pastry... Squint and it could be over 100 years ago... Old Masonic documents... I wonder if anyone bought this mannequin? Hope you're enjoying the photo series! Could you see yourself in this town, or do y